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I recently created some interest into Automata, but where to start?
Most paper Automata is stuff you need to buy, but after some research I found some amazing free stuff.

All the free paper Automatas I found are from these two pages:

There are some nice Christmas automata between the links!

If you have some links that are not mentioned here, just add it in the comments

For your convenience I collected the links here:
Free Automatas
The Sasatoku site

The Ravensblight site

The Barnaclepress site

The Paperpino site
Here are some more:
Canon site


Box Puppy





Ebony, Ivory and Yellow

Rubberband Car

French Newspaper like Barnacle Press
Amiga Maquette - Sidne (Carousel)

Barnacle Press

Bildrums Julmodeller - Gunnar Bildrum

Canon Creative Park Circus Land (English)

Canon Creative Park Circus Land (Japanese)

Canon Creative Park Science Museum

colobockle (Cow Paperworkly)

colobockle (Sheep Paperworkly)

colobockle (Zebra Paperworkly)

Custom Paper Toys - Matt Hawkins

Epson AquaCraft (Merry-Go-Round)

Fiddler's Green - Chip Fyn (Bobbin' Head Cow)

Flying Pig - Rob Ives (Agreeable Sheep)

Flying Pig - Rob Ives (Cat ON A HOT Tin Roof)

Flying Pig - Rob Ives (Cat o' Log)

Flying Pig - Rob Ives (Snap-Up Heart)

Flying Pig - Rob Ives (Snap-Up Heart)

Flying Pig - Rob Ives (Train Wistle)

Flying Pig - Rob Ives (Which Came First?)

Funny Character Cafe - Yuuku (Wriggly Santa)

Glue2 chronicle (look around)

Happy Origami Ministry - Yozo Kutsushima (scroll to bottom)

Homespun Magixx - Steven Marshall (shareware Dragon)

Iceberg papermodel - Peter Visser (Download -> animals -> Cat)

Keisuke Saka (Angel)

Keisuke Saka (Copernican and Ptolemaic Solar Systems)

Keisuke Saka (Ebony and Ivory (And Yellow))

Keisuke Saka (Revolving Sushi)

Keisuke Saka (Stray Sheep)

Keisuke Saka (Train)

Keisuke Saka (Turkey)

Keisuke Saka (Woodpecker)

Kids Goo (Jumping Rabbits)

Lower Hudson Valley - Jonathon Leslie (Tellurian Orrery)

manicpapermechanic - Bernhard Rock

Mechanical Paper Model - kikousya (Mini Cooper)

Paper Pino

Paper Puzzle Parade - Georg Eggers (New Year's Zoetrope)

Paper Puzzle Parade - Georg Eggers (Pneumatic Paper Rocket)

People Play (Toy Circus Carousel)

Ravensblight - Ray O'Bannon (The Mechanical Bat)

Robot-Tairiku (Elephant)

Robot-Tairiku (Flapping Robot)

Robot-Tairiku (Robotic Arm)

Rolf Kauka (look around)

Ryo Tokisato (Flapping Penguin Bank)

sasatoku - Sasatoku Omiyage (Christmas Seal)

sasatoku - Sasatoku Omiyage (Laughing Horse)

sasatoku - Sasatoku Omiyage (Mole)

sasatoku - Sasatoku Omiyage (Monkey Eating Banana)

sasatoku - Sasatoku Omiyage (Non-Stop Woodpecker)

sasatoku - Sasatoku Omiyage (Winking Cat)

Walter Ruffler (At The Duck's Pond)

Walter Ruffler (Christmas Angel)

Walter Ruffler (Mr. Deer)

The following was one of those free paper automatas that is now abandonware. I wonder if it is ok to continue to distribute items that have been abandoned by their artists, or if that goes against some sort of copyright infringement of some sort.

designed by Sidne (Amiga Maquette)

Animated Models
at Barnacle Press

Chucky and Telman's Hako Designs
Find more at Cardmodels4Fun!
You'll need to become a member of the group.

Anti-Gravity Double Cone
Flying Santa
Peace Dove
The Rolling Reels Circus
designed by Giuseppe (Pino) Civitarese

animated cow
animated sheep
animated zebra
at colobockle

New Year's Zoetrope
Pneumatic Paper Rocket
designed by Georg Eggers

Epson AquaCraft

Bobbin' Head Cow
designed by Chip Fyn (Fiddler's Green)

Wriggly Santa
designed by Yuuku (Funny Character Cafe)

Box Dog Puppy
designed by Takeo Hayashi

Agreeable Sheep
Cat On A HOT Tin Roof
Cat o' Log
Pop-Up Squid
Snap Up Heart
Which Came First
designed by Rob Ives

Professor Giraffenstein's Clock Work Creation Science Factoidamajig
Pteva The Pterodactyl
designed by Yozo Kutsushima

Tellurian Orrery
designed by Jonathon Leslie
Jon works off donations. Be sure and send him one!

Jade Dragon
Hako Action Figures

designed by Steve Marshall
Shareware $5.00 US
(Please Steve, may we have another)

Mini Cooper from Mechanical Paper Model (MPM)

The Mechanical Bat
Dancing Skeleton Marionette
designed by Ray O'Bannon

Robotic Arm pic and model here.
Elephant pic and model here.
Flapping Robot
designed by Robot Tairiku

designed by Bernhard Röck

At the Duck Pond
Christmas Angel
Mr. Deer
designed by Walter Ruffler

Ebony and Ivory (And Yellow)
Revolving Sushi
Stray Sheep
Copernican and Ptolemaic Solar Systems
designed by Keisuke Saka

Christmas Seal
Laughing Horse
Monkey Eating Banana
Non-Stop Woodpecker
Winking Cat
designed by Sasatoku Omiyage


Flapping Penguin Bank
designed by Ryo Tokisato

designed by Peter Visser

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Comment by Matthijs Kamstra aka [mck] on December 17, 2008 at 4:52am
You are correct dmc, all models by Paperpino are free for download. You need to pretend you're going shopping but in the end you'll pay zero dollar/euro.

I remember that you were into automata, so I hope you can forgive me that I had to look Geneva stop up...

The models of Paperpino are amazing and I will enjoy building them!
Comment by Matthijs Kamstra aka [mck] on December 16, 2008 at 3:32pm
Good to hear that I had something to do with you starting with papertoys.
Sjors Trimbach started mine fascination for papertoys.

Well there is a lot out there, and I can't link to every file on the net. But to give you an indication of how much there is out there: my papercraft folder is 5.8GB and that without duplicates (I had to clean up my external harddrive recently so that why I sure ;) )
Comment by Methuup da Funky One on December 16, 2008 at 2:03pm
Yo Matthijs, thanks for the links! (Niets mooiers dan het internet afstruinen.) And for the non-dutch, nothin' better than marauding the internet. And thanks for starting me of on this paper thing, somewhere in may I tripped over a picture of Grumm. Shackled to a wheelchair and a toy (or two) a you can guess... I want more!!!
Grtz and may the P be with you! Methuup.
Comment by Cubeecraft on December 16, 2008 at 11:34am
Nice, thanks for the heads up.

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