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Paper Craft Projects
Chibi Style:
-La Catrina
Zombie Templates
-Skinny, Muscular, Fat
Big Monster Kaiju style:
-Dinosaur Type
-Robot Type
-Human Type

For Art Show and Book to be published. Whenever it gets done (2010?)
100 Mythological Creatures
Mythology finished paintings:
1 Banshee (DONE) (SKETCH)
2 Basilisk (DONE) (SKETCH)
3 Baykok (DONE) (SKETCH)
4 Bigfoot (DONE) (SKETCH)
5 Centipede (DONE) (SKETCH)
6 Cherufe (DONE) (SKETCH)
7 Chinese Vampire (DONE) (SKETCH)
8 Cyclops (DONE) (SKETCH)
9 Flaming Teeth (DONE) (SKETCH)
10 Gnome (DONE) (SKETCH)
11 Harpy (DONE) (SKETCH)
12 Homunculus (DONE) (SKETCH)
13 Jinn (DONE) (SKETCH)
14 Kappa (DONE) (SKETCH)
15 Kraken (DONE) (SKETCH)
16 Krampus (DONE) (SKETCH)
17 Krasue (DONE) (SKETCH)
18 Lamia (DONE) (SKETCH)
19 Mandrake (DONE) (SKETCH)
20 Manticore (DONE) (SKETCH)
21 Medusa (DONE) (SKETCH)
22 Nurikabe (DONE) (SKETCH)
23 Oni (DONE) (SKETCH)
24 Peg Powlers (DONE) (SKETCH)
25 Pegasus (DONE) (SKETCH)
26 Phoenix (DONE) (SKETCH)
27 Shmoo (DONE) (SKETCH)
28 Thayé (DONE) (SKETCH)
29 Trenti (DONE) (SKETCH)
30 Unicorn (DONE) (SKETCH)
31 Vodnik (DONE) (SKETCH)
32 Wendigo (DONE) (SKETCH)
33 Yara-ma-yha-who (DONE) (SKETCH)
34 Yeti (DONE) (SKETCH)
35 Gremlin (DONE) (SKETCH)
36 Papa Ghede (DONE (SKETCH)
Mythology Sketches up on site.
37 Bacalou
38 Balam
39 Behemoth
40 Binaye-Ahani
41 Black Dog
42 Boggart
43 Chupacabra
44 Cuca (SKETCH)
45 Daruma
46 Flying Head
47 Fukurokuju
48 Gaborchend
49 Goblins
50 Gourd Head
51 Huspalim
52 Hydra
53 Imps
54 Kulshedra
55 Makara
56 Marassa Jumeaux (SKETCH)
57 Ogre
58 Ouroboros
59 Raw Gums
60 Redcap (SKETCH)
61 Swiza
62 Tatzelwurm
63 Catoblepas
64 Kodama
65 Vegetable Lamb
66 Acephalos
67 Mula-sem-cabeca
68 Mummy
69 Mermaid
70 Minotaur
71 Elf
72 Zombie
Sketches worked on:
73 Fairy
74 Demon
75 Nosferatu
76 Tanuki
77 Ki-lin
78 Roc
79 Triton
80 Amphisbaena
81 Ammit
82 Cuegle
83 Grim Reaper
84 Wyvern
85 Giant
86 Werewolf
87 Bogies
88 Leviathan
89 Golem
90 Tengu
91 Tiki
Not done yet (they have sketches just none I am satisfied with)
92 Cerberus
93 Black Annis (Witch)
94 Manananggal
95 Devil
96 Dragon
97 Bishop Fish
98 Hippocampus
99 Loch Ness Monster
100 Odin
Possible others:
Incubus, Wyrm, Fear Liath More, Cupid, Vampire, Grendel, Monocoli, Hombre Del Saco, Mr. Sandman, Ewah, Xiuhcoatl, Qu Jiang Wang, Eeyeekalduk, Hanuman, Giant Hogs, Unwaba, Nenaunir , Green Man, Beast of Bodmin, Lady of the Lake, Changeling, Aswang, Inti, Moai Kava Kava, Anubis, Onryō, La Catrina

Update Blog at least once every 2 weeks.

Add more images to IMAGEKIND (as frequent as possible)
Mythology gallery 36 out of 100
Add: Chinese Vampire (DONE)
Start Vector Poster Gallery
Hello Kid's Its Mr. Dirt
DJ from Planet X
Muffin Boy
Abacus and Abagail
Skull Biker

STYLUS & MACULA collaboration
Make Paper Toy Squealer thread (DONE)
Make Blank Paper Toy Template (DONE)
Make Santa Paper Toy (DONE)
Make Krampus Paper Toy (DONE)
Make A Tutorial on Squealer Building (DONE)
Make Pixel icons for STYLUS and Pixeljoint (Whenever for fun)
Send Christmas Card for Robotface & Stylus collaboration (DONE)
Send in art for The Art of Stylus Book (DONE)

Start beta testing site (In Progress)
Send my site banner for marketing (DONE)
Send Seshn banners for site (DONE)
Update periodically

Dopepope Book Metal Man collaboration
Send art work of robot (DONE)
Make a Paper Toy of Metal Man

-Send Joe: Elf, Mermaid, Minotaur for post (DONE)
-Add link to stylus
-Add link to Custompapertoys
-create new key words for new section (DONE)

Major update slated for January 2008:
Add DOWNLOADS section
Download menu:
How to make a Squealer (DONE)
How to make a fantasy style cottage
-Paper Craft:
Blank Squealer (DONE)
Santa Squealer (DONE)
Krampus Squealer (DONE)
Psycho Swine Squealer (DONE)
Add Neat Beard the Pirate. (DONE)
Paper Cottage
add other peoples customizations with links
Mr. Dirt (DONE)
DJ from Planet X (DONE)
Ghost Boys (DONE)
Skull Biker (DONE)
Intro page (DONE)
PDF book collaboration with Joe mythology poem. Will become animated later.
Bizarre Bear mini sketch book (almost done)
Paper Doll style dress up game with monster
-Link Banners (DONE)

-Add a separate direct url to the paper craft toys.

-Make buttons for each of the link categories.
Mythology Links (DONE)
Paper Craft Links (DONE)
Friends Links (DONE)
Artist Links (DONE)
Photo Reference Links (DONE)
Art Gallery Links (DONE)

-Add a opening page for the paper craft (DONE)

Firetruck mural for neighbor (DONE)
Tattoo design for Mark (DONE)
Painting for Dad's house 3'x8'
Sculpture for living room
Bedlington Dog graphics (DONE)
Customize paper toy for Shin (DONE)
Customize paper toy Matt (DONE)
Customize paper toy Matt Giant Humanoid Paper Toy Jam (DONE)
Interview for Matt (DONE)
French Interview (DONE)
Art for Fix II art show (DONE)
Painting for dinning room
4"x4" pattern book with Vi
Frame job for friend (DONE)
Paper Toy design for Jade's Toy Box (DONE)
Paper Toy tutorial for Jade's Toy Box (DONE)

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Comment by karen trinidad on October 8, 2010 at 4:33pm
Wow how's your work list coming along?
Comment by ephrael on April 8, 2008 at 1:52pm
I love the sketches of the new squealers. Samurai and Ninja=awesome.
Comment by Macula on April 7, 2008 at 11:47am
Yes I hope the giant humanoid papertoy jam works out well. I can't wait until the book is done.

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