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as most of you may know, today shin tanaka released a new papertoy on his site called Ws. :D i have been able to download a lot of those in different colors (like 50 or 55), i bet you also have, as the ones that have downloaded the papertoy, you might have noticed that the download order is random so you don't really know which model you're going to get, so i was going to create this discussion in order for us, both to share the papertoy and for completing the series, the biggest number i have is 119, so i bet there are a lot that i am missing as well as others :)

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Someone has uploaded it? I miss only the 113 and the site is now shutted down!

there you go :3


Thank you so much Carlos!

I, too, got 119 as biggest number and so far I have managed to download 55 series. stucked at this number for awhile and keep getting DIY blank...wondering if that is a message to imply that I should make rest my own :P 

anywhat I would also love to trade if there was any that I am missing.

Anyone managed to collect the seasonal editition yet??

not yet, still trying :D


yep I have the same number also and no sign of the seasonal one??? maybe he is releasing so many every hour or so.....:(

You can't beat a bit of pointless clicking for an hour and a half can you!!!! ^__^

Today you download, which was from 1:00 a.m. (time Mexico City), download them achieve that "merrci" (56) ... I believe there are three paths. 1 Carlos is right with that game piglets. 2 ° That Greenelf have reason and are releasing the seasons as time progresses or 3rd Shin Tanaka having fun is a great time to find your joke ... either way are great.

I will keep checking the page Shin 8-[]

today i checked the WS' in the morning, then in the evening, but no new one came during the day....

don't know how this thing will grow...?


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