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what the professional papertoy maker use for create????

hi guys,
here i actually ask you for collect some information about create a toy.
i 've never used 3d software i start a project by thinking about the form and what can that look like in 3d.
sorry my english is bad.
when i've maked my first draw about my project i cut my forms and try change and glue and cut again and glue again and finally i have something like a ball of paper...
and i finish very hangry and put all in the dustbin.
yes you think great he have nothing...
but at the same time i tried i've written about what i have changed. and make other draws.
finaly when make my transformation i try a last and if its something correct i use illustrator and print fold and glue....
and enjoy making my toy like my little brother but better than him.....hihihih!!!!!
what about you guys???

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Photoshop! Copy-paste my shapes then add tabs and facial features. :3 Simples.
I sketch out my idea first, and sometimes roughly work out the net in paper first, cut it out and see how it might fit together, I then draw it in Illustrator CS4 and colour it on Photoshop. I use a scalpel to cut them out and craft glue to stick them together. :) I haven't been doing it for long though, so I'm sure there are better ways!
download a program to create a paper toy.. its very simple,-y-Rex-de-mgs.html
just follow the link
My first attempt in making paper toy is by measuring every part manually. Make the template -> glue it and see if it works -> remeasure it if it's not -> glue it again -> disassemble it -> trace the correct template in Illustrator.

Then I find Pepakura, combined with 3D Studio Max, they are my new super heroes. After using 3D program for almost a year, now I'm thinking to do a free form design again. Just like the first time I make paper toy.

I find that 3D program tend to make you restricted with certain shapes. If you are not ready with a good initial sketch, you can easily get lost in the program it self. In short, it's not about the program. It's more to what you learn along the process and the idea that you generate. Be patient and remember to enjoy it even when you are taking the wrong turn.
Lately I've been playing with sections of card paper experimenting with shapes and folds and cuts. I like tools like Sketchup and Pepakura, but I find that they can lead one to get too focused on geometry and details at the expense of finding shapes that are graceful, interesting, and easy to assemble.

I've made some interesting things using Sketchup, but often they end up being somewhat awkward to assemble once unfolded into a template.
I like to incorporate pop up elements into my design, so many times I just sit cutting into scrap paper making shapes and then see what is in the shapes. I get ideas from the forms created just by piling up pop ups, pop ins, until I see something. From there I often scan the paper sketch, and do the rest in Photoshop building it all on top of the sketch, and then delete the sketch layer. I'm old. I've been doing paper crafts long before there were home computers. I'm an old school art teacher, and paper crafts were always in the budget. Instead of paint and markers, now paper crafts can enjoy rich vibrant printed colors, and perfect fonts etc. For me, it's not about the program you use, it's about the paper. Everything begins and ends with the paper, and your design. If at the end you have a paper toy, you did it right. For anyone interested in learning a couple simple paper Pop UP techniques, I have a video here:


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