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Hey all,
My name is Anh-Tuan Tran, I am a co-owner of a streetwear-based clothing line called FYSH Clothing Co. ( I just recently got hooked into the world of papercrafting after stumbling on Mr. Marshall Alexander's site from a gizmodo blog. For the past few weeks, I've been making papertoys for everyone I know and giving them as gifts, and people absolutely loves them. I've been an avid collector of vinyl toys (dunnies, munnies, kidrobot stuff), so papertoys was naturally very appealing to me. I save every cool pdf I stumble upon now, and I've already used up all the ink on my printer printing them. From this new found obsession, I started attempting to create my own papertoy based on the character that I created for my clothing line. Unfortunately, the curvature of the character has proved to be a problem and I have not been successful. I knew I needed some help so I emailed Mr. Marshall Alexander with a proposal and asked for his help/collaboration because I was a big fan of his work. Sadly, Mr. Alexander did not deal with the curvy papertoy characters as well, and he referred me to this community and recommended that I look into the pepakura software and bring up my proposal to someone in this community.

So basically, I have this character, he's a whale named Fysh. Fysh always looks confused because he doesn't know why his name is Fysh since he's a whale. FYSH is actually an acronym for Four Young Sneaker Heads. There's 4 of us that runs the company and we got started/brought together because we all collected sneakers (hence sneakerheads). The character is very simple, and he makes a great base character for people to customize. Attached are images of this character, as well as some past 3D solidworks rendering that someone made for me in college.

Please let me know if anybody is interested in collaborating with me on this project, in return I can offer Fysh merchandise, promotional services, collaborative services, money, whatever you think is a reasonable barter for your help. I can assist in any artwork or coloring to help complete the final pdf for people to download. The papertoy will be free for people to download and customize and I will give credit to whoever helps me.

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its been a while now, hm...interesting project i might say? im not interested in any cash, hahaha... like you im also a sneaker head, ... when you have done doing your fysh... let me know... im in... for the sneaker hahaha....and another collaboration for gubi-gubi...peace
Sure thing Pain Killah, I will definitely let you know.
Here's my first model. I need to put together a better one though. I just wanted to get an idea of how it'll come together.
That's looking really cool - It looks easy enough for everyone who isnt an 8th dan papercrafter to enjoy. I was going to suggest similar but with a curved back... I'll perhaps doodle up a rough for you.

Tang Mu
Hey Tang Mu, I am hoping to keep it very simple and basic to build, I am curious to see the idea you have though.
ok so i guess i missed this post.... so im catching up.. so i have a question... why doesnt the whale have any sneakers on?
Actually, the original whale had sneakers on him, but it became too cliche'-ish with all the upcoming streetwear brands out there putting sneakers on their characters. We ended up just using the plain whale as the logo, which worked out great for us because I think a logo should be something simple. The sneakers were a bit too much.
I think it's looking great. Can't wait to see the final product or try out a beta version.
Just an update, it's taking me wayyyy too long to get these pieces together into a nice template. What program would you guys recommend a beginner to use?
I recommend google sketchup with the unfold plugin.
It's a simple to use program for drawing 3D models, then you can unfold them.
and it's FREE!
Hi dude! curvy paper craft is my specialty. I like the flat with round edges look your going for but, if your still looking for someone to collaborate with I am always looking for more work, perhaps making your FYSH character into a bobble headed paper toy? Check out my stuff here and e-mail me at if your interested.
BTW I love your Fysh guy. He's so cute!!


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