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reply is


look this:

and my old post about the zombiegotchi


papertoys is FREE but not everytime...or, better: maybe someone can have MONEY from the paper-passion....

thinkin about that....

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Yes, monetizing with just the paper toys (without being related to applications) would be nice.

It's just going to be a bit of a challenge since a lot of really good toys are freely available online.

It's something to think about actually - and to experiment on I guess.


I know that mckibillo has sold a number of press-printed, prescored, and perforated Nanibirds. I'm experimenting with it as well. But I'm still at the prototype stages, so nothing much to show just yet. I know a couple of other paper toyers have tried - I just cant recall all of them at the moment (if anyone knows them, please post the names ;)


Happy to discuss this more with anyone interested. It would be nice if paper toy monetization becomes a reality. I know a lot of you out there got into this hobby as a creative and collaborative outlet, but still, earning a bit here and there wont hurt.


I mean, if the vinyl toy community can do it, why not the paper toy community too, right?

the principal difference for me is:

1. from papertoys creators to papertoys "people"

2. big compaies using the papertoys "world"


in the first case, i think is a good "dream" (i think about the castleforte book); in the second case is only marketing and...i don't know, a little pack of money for a design vs the image of the papertoys world....



Hey Ricks Icks,


Sorry dude, I don't quite follow you.  What do you mean exactly by your reply?  Did you mean by living the dream by publishing your stuff versus selling out and having publishers control your output? XD Sorry, my brain isn't awake yet, this time of the day LOL

I tried this couple months ago. It's like commissions. Customers sent their portraits and head-to-toe photos to me and then I draw them as kobicos. I charged them like around $5; and if they want it assembled, I add another $1. I can't show any examples since that would mean posting my customers' photo without permission, but here's what I did for myself just so you guys got the idea what I'm talking about :P


HI Kobico,

Paper Toy Portraits! That's a FANTASTIC idea!  Just curious, did the people who asked for portaits come from your site or were they your "real life" friends? Also, is that a lip ring I see on your paper toy portrait?


Aside from pre-printed stuff, I was also mulling over doing custom paper toys for interested blog visitors ( - for a nominal fee of course.  The idea was to ask those people to send me sketches or references of their characters and I'd create the graphics then place them on an already existing template of mine.  However I put that on hold for next year, just because I was concerned I wouldn't be able to handle the load (assuming it ever takes off in the first place LOL). Let you know how this works out LOL successful or not HAHA!


Another idea I was toying with was to actually sell digital prints - sorta like how people would sell their artwork on  The characters of course would be original and not related at all to any existing properties of brands.  Again, the challenge is if people would actually buy them given the many cool paper toys that are free.  It really depends on how people like the toys I guess.


Lastly, just like Rick Icks mentioned, publishing a paper toy book would be nice, but it would depend heavily on publishers and advertisers.


Idea! why don't we (NPT community) collaborate on publishing a regular downloadable mag much like IILOVE but different in the sense that would develop properties specifically for it?  Like create characters and stories, puzzles, and games for them - all exclusive for download, print, and play. Think Heavy Metal magazine or something but with a paper toy skew! 


Obviously, the challenge here is to actually find the time to complete an issue and do it regularly, but it could be a start something great.  The magazine can be downloaded for a price (like 3D Creative ), and it would be open to sponsorships and advertisements - just so the production team and contributing artists get something out of it.  I'd be happy to take point on this if anyone else is interested. ;)


Anyone else out there have ideas or experience in paper toy monetization.  Would love to hear from you. 





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