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ok so ive been toying with the idea of taking paper models to a larger scale, ive mentioned it to people before and they always think its a good idea but the n i get the obvious "whats the point?" question.

well to be honest im only gonna do it because i can!

ive been working at a large format printers for a few years and have access to some very nice and very large printers and materials, although i know that making lifesize paper models isnt viable (they'll crush under there own weight!) there is a possibility to make a large frame work under the skin so to speak and then mount the paper to card and mount the card to the frame!! simples!! (i hope)

so as ive pretty much talked myself into doing it does anyone see a use for lifesize paper models?
im thinking advertising - shows - displays that sort of thing.
flat pack, light weight and easy to transport models for a show could be usefull but im not sure to who!

anyhow when i get the print time and the right project ill give it a go and see what pitfalls lie ahead, could be fun (may be a lifesize disaster!) but hey we live and learn right!!

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ok so i stayed behind at work for an hour to finish the sample off and i have to say it does look good!
its not quite finished yet and theres still some things i wanna alter and its not all stuck together yet! the head and body are stood ontop of the legs etc. but its nearly done.
ive uploaded some pics and when i bring it home tomorow ill add some more to show scale etc. but as it stands its about a meter tall!! not bad for a sample!
I am obviously way behind on this post. But I just saw your large RetroBot and it looks awesome. I once did a 3 foot NiceBunny HedKase for a show. I mounted the large printed sheets to foam core. It worked out quite well. But it was a bit of work to get together. I am actually in need of some large paper toys for an upcoming show. We are also planning on doing some large blank toys to let people graffiti on at the show. Perhaps you can help me to get that stuff made? Let me know.

Here is a pic of my giant NiceBunny...

lovin the giant nice bunny, this i wanna see more of! paper creations overthrowing the world!!! :)
O.K. so i poppedd into work this morning & picked up my "sample" retrobot, only just fitted in the boot of the car but i got it here and ive uploaded some more pics to show how big it came out.

im thinking next time i need double the size and maybe hire a van to get it home in!!

P.S. marshall i hope this does retrobot justice :)
Looks awesome Sam! So what did you end up printing it on? I'm in the process of sources places to do just this and would love any helpful info you could pass along. Thanks
ok so the technical bits:

its printed onto 1.5mm display card using an HP6100FB printer with U.V. ink, the U.V. ink makes the whole print stronger so less chance of scratching and it cures in seconds so theres little chance of image bleed )or finger prints).
i passed on glueing the model together and opted for a 25mm double sided tape manufactured by Venture Tape that we use for interior hems on banners - its very sticky and bonds aswell as glue but its easier to handle and theres no drying time which would be an issue with a project this size.

as far as sourcing printers to tackle this kind of project i work for the U.K. branch of a company called Sahar Digital who have franchises globally though not all under the name Sahar, any company that deals with large format, U.V. or even solvent based large format will be able to handle this kind of job but they may need a bit of convincing!

if logistics werent a concern i would be more than happy to supply larger format models and im already convincing the suits were i work that this is a viable niche in the P.O.S. display market!

if you need any more help please feel free to ask, im always happy to help :)


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