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ok so ive been toying with the idea of taking paper models to a larger scale, ive mentioned it to people before and they always think its a good idea but the n i get the obvious "whats the point?" question.

well to be honest im only gonna do it because i can!

ive been working at a large format printers for a few years and have access to some very nice and very large printers and materials, although i know that making lifesize paper models isnt viable (they'll crush under there own weight!) there is a possibility to make a large frame work under the skin so to speak and then mount the paper to card and mount the card to the frame!! simples!! (i hope)

so as ive pretty much talked myself into doing it does anyone see a use for lifesize paper models?
im thinking advertising - shows - displays that sort of thing.
flat pack, light weight and easy to transport models for a show could be usefull but im not sure to who!

anyhow when i get the print time and the right project ill give it a go and see what pitfalls lie ahead, could be fun (may be a lifesize disaster!) but hey we live and learn right!!

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that might be interesting to see, i look forward to pics. Good luck
Yo Sam! I've only seen it done in gundam and anime papercraft. Matt Hawkins makes big toys and Phil does: But 1 meter isn't life size. I don't now if it's for us N.P.T.members. I wouldn't know where to keep it, I got problems storing all my little ones. Maybe advertising, but that's another ballgame.
G-luck and may the P be with you! Meth.
not a bad idea that one, may need a little more reinforcing but thats do-able!!
I'd run with Marshalls idea!!!
theres definately a market for lifesize toys,
did you see the life size "wall e's" promoting the film?
Yeh! I did. When I went to the cinema to see wall-e there was a wall-e on a stand and one sat on a bench. Both lifesize and paper toys!
hi. i signed up just to reply to this post. silly me. anyways. i also work at a place with large format printers and i played around at making something big and came up with this way. if you can print on vinyl it would be easier but paper would work. instead of making a frame and mounting paper to it. you can use a substrate called coroplast which is a corogated plastic maybe .25" thick that can be cut and folded with out any problems and you mount the vinyl or paper to that. coroplast is really light but strong for support and the cheapest stuff we carry. anyways hope it helps.
we keep corex in stock but for the size i was looking at i didnt think it would take the weight without internal support, ive already cut apart and resized marshall's RETROBOT to see what the rip times and quality of the over-sized image would b like.

rip times not a problem on my UV printer and the image is a vector so no probs there either.

as for vinyl i did think of it and then over-lam with matt but i still wanted to keep the look and feel of paper, ive sourced some direct print card for some other jobs weve done but its a gloss finish and im still going for a matt look, we supply pre-made card displays to venues so the set up with card and supporting the model isnt a problem as we have pre-set plans for supporting overhead displays.

its a work in progress and all input is very welcome, when i get time in my schedule ill start running out some plans and a few tests - expect something soon(ish)!
I have done 1 large scale Cubeecraft personally. When I did it I created the template as vector art and had it printed and mounted on a (plastic-like?) board (sorry i don't remember the name exactly - I can say it's not a corogated material but still pretty sturdy.) at a print specialist here in NYC. The template retained the same dimensions as a normal Cubeecraft but had a variety of modifications to support the larger scale (such as more tabs and slots). There are pics of the final here: . It is over 2 feet tall and can be taken apart and reassembled without much fuss.

I'll see if I can find out what the material is called and get a photo that shows a size relationship better.
so ive not been here recently ive been stuck with working for a living and installing new machines (more about those in a mo) and my pc aquired a nice little virus that killed it!!

Anyhow after a few days worth of tearing my hair out and screaming at the monitor the pc's back alive YAY!! and my backups are all back on it.

And now for the point of this little update - one of my new machines ive just installed is an HP6100FB, doesnt mean anything to anyone except us in the trade but long story short its a brand new fully loaded flatbed printer capable of printing anything u can put on it!! Card. paper, corex, foamex pretty much anything flat can be printed on with the new UV ink system!

So the after a few days of setups and fine tuning i now have a 3m x 2m flat bed ready to print heavy duty card in the shape of....... Retrobot!
the cards on order should b here in a few days and then its all systems go for printing a nice little project to keep me busy at work!
ok so ive just run out a small sample 1.6m x 1.6m on the flat bed (ill upload pics when i get home) and it looks good, the card may need to be stronger but ill tackle that later for now i just want to get this one built to see how big it works out and if the weights ok for the card!!

more to follow!
oh and while im thinking about it id just like to say thanks in advance to marshall alexander for letting me use his template!

Retrobot is still one of my favorite paper toys!!


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