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Number one: Who thinks an artist/paper toy maker should release a bare minimal (skin) or blank template to the community before they them selves make a completed skin for that toy?
ex: i have many blanks that i have made as i can make them faster...

Number two: If i were to set up a design/skinning competition for each released-would the prize of getting to name the original character and getting there credits plastered onto the blanks (after contest) be enough for you?
ex: Methup wins, names the character, and gets collaboration credits on the blanks...

Number three: Would you prefer to vote for the template that would be in the contest...or if i released a self chosen template every month or two?

Number four: HOW SOON IS TOO SOON FOR A PROPER CONTEST TO END? I know most of you have jobs or school and i do not desire a rushed result.

Number five: I have a template or two that will not fit into this...the one in question is needing a lil attention but when hes finished would anyone like to see a sort of bi-weekly releasing of accessories and blank accessories for this particular model?

In closing i have a mass amount of blank templates 89% ready (think teens) they are all my babies and i have put a great amount of energy and thought into each one.
They range from simple/easy to moderate in my opinion. Some have 2-3 pages due to size and accessories. Some glue some glueless. One of them has a way if 5 folds are made differently then a multitude of characters can be established.
These are hand designed (cut glued scanned) and then re mastered in sketchup then to pepakura and lastly into illustrator where i do a simple vectoring of each template.

Thank you all so very much for being so darn friendly and just downright helpful!!!! Ive finally found something I really like and a great group to share it with.

Any response or feed back is greatly appreciated on this-and i really would like the collectors down on this too.

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HI my answers are these...

1) I think that not all toys need a skin...but a bare miniman skin is always nice like eyes and mouthes

2) As prizes go its hart to know whats enugh... soon hot paper is having a compotition and i think i have a great prize ;) but i think a name isnt grate to be honest maby if you also gave them the rights to an exclusive model?

3) if you release them all at once you will be noticed more!

4) i would make it about 2-3 months your right everyone is buisy

5) thow all of them in at once!

good luck ;)
Yo CJ,

I doubt if I win, there are only two downloadable customs by me. Only because Jack (Horrorwood) was so kind to make my Calling All Cars Custom one-offs, real pdf templates. (Wave 3 & 4)
I'm mainly a builder/collector (Sometimes customizer: Boxy, Grumm, Drukk, Foldskool, Totem, Calling All Cars.)
Okay Matthijs (MCK) gives me some credit for my Grumm customs, but they're still one-offs:
And he mentioned me in an update about his Blank Grumm template:
Post your blanks in the Template Depot and see what happens.
I don't care much for competitions.
The more (free) toys the better.

May the P be with you! Meth.
Great answer Alex just the feedback i was looking for! And Meth if you wanna do one ill help ya if ya need it. Still no internet at home so a quick up date and im off.... Decided to do a full new toy to release with the set of the ones from above as the leader of the pack. Hope to hear more from ya guys -CJ-
Hi CJ,

Great set of questions. What you are cooking up sounds interesting.

First off, I'm new to all this so what I think on the matter may not carry that much weight, but what the heck, I'll tell you what I think anyway. Hopefully it helps you to some extent.

1) I agree with Alexander Gwyne, a bare minimum is a good idea, if only to act as guides to help people build the paper toy. Just so they know better which side is up, or which is the face and which is the back and so on. However, coming up with something beyond the minimum, like an official "texture" for your template, may inspire people to build it. Nothing like seeing the finished product in full color and enticing you to do one better.

2) Having credits included somewhere in the winning template would be nice. If you plan to do a contest regularly, you can maybe offer trophies or badges as prizes to the winners. I'm just not sure if nice paper toys has that kind of feature or capability. This way, people can vie for those badges and trophies annually. Lastly, if you're looking for a cool prize, I'd suggest it be related to the craft, like a paper toy book, printer, lifetime supply of card stock LOL, or not. And maybe get a sponsor to take care of it for you.

3) Yes, release them all at once and let the community decide and vote on it. But if you want to give each entry its time of day, best to release them one at a time and give it a proper "review". Whats good about it, what could have been done better, and so on. Then after the reviews, let the community decide on a winner.

4) I agree with Alexander again, 2 to 3 months sounds just about right. But you'll have to bump up the topic every now and then with updates or something, to keep it going.

5) Having accessories is always nice, ""all in" or "one by one" is fine I guess.

Just my thoughts.



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