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Papercraft is about sharing, creating, and collaborating. There are requests all over of people wanting pieces by certain artists and whatnot. I say that with all of our combined downloads and devotion, we deserve the right to share them with all.

I want to start a project to create one singular .RAR file that has everything anyone could possibly want, be it Shin, Speakerdog, or Matt Hawkins. I'm looking for anyone with rare or not so rare, but full template archives. Send your file to, and together we will amass the greatest file in the history of papercraft.

I hope you are willing to help.


The Stud Muffin

Also, send questions to as well.

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surely one can not save his stuff forever if it has been shared on the Internet,,
but I think the free exchange however, should be based on something
such as trust and respect;
I have nothing against D.Johnson,
his idea is good ;-)
but if you really love paper toys and this philosophy of free trade,
demonstrates this admiration with respect,
such as contacting the various modellers-designer
and ask if okay,, ask if the project "ZipGroup" interested in them.
"quote" Vins, for me
sharing is ok, but absolutely with permissions.

EX: if i have a model and somebody put it on line, this is not MINE but is for everybody, so....hours of work only for fame (maybe...), not for making something destined "to grow" or go outside our virtual world...
so... are you going for quantity or quality? here is my horrorwood archive...
1. renamed all files to clean up ugly titles
2. added completed Pic to every toy
3. complete horrorwood!
4. these are only toys designed by Horrorwood, his Paper Totem will be with
Dolly Oblong's archive and his Gubi will be with Pain Killah's archive etc...
(its 2 parts)
"so... are you going for quantity or quality?"

What? I can't have both? :D
to Vins:
Wouldnt the chinese battle be easier if your templates were available? I dont understand how you can complain that someone else is selling something you gave out for free if you are not making it available. FLOOD THE MARKET WITH FREE TOYS!!!! IF EVERYONE IN CHINA CAN GET THEM FOR FREE THE PAY SITES WILL HAVE TO SHUT DOWN!!! Just my opinion anyway...

to Dillon:
I think you should respect VINSART's wishes... Ask him first... and include in a text file in the archive

"These artists/creators kindly asked us to not include their works in this archive :

And anyone else who doesnt want to participate"
The idea of having putting together various toys from various artist is not a bad idea but wouldnt it be better if its all properly collated(with permission from the artist), some images and the link to the artist's sites (at least you should give them the credit).

Just a thought.
thanks for your considerations,,
I also chased some rare models, and those that I managed to get saves them as precious objects;
if the first man who found a rare model, puts it in square in a zip file,
rare models not there will be more, and even the pleasure of search.

I personally prefer get models from the sites of their designers,
And while there are look what else did, his style site
and knowing the thoughts of the artist.

if your looking for a model is eager, may request a private to another paper-collector;
but this thing to pack everything, to availability on a thousand platforms,
I find it destructive rather than constructive. just my thoughts.
I see what you are trying to do but I agree with vincent. For example the shin tanaka collection that I had sent to you, will you be asking myself and other members that did some of the custom models if it is ok to put our models online? or will you be getting confirmation from the original artist too? or are you just going full out and post with no regards to others?
I give peple links to my models so that they can build and admire them not just to be chucked up on a site as a free for all.
Clearly the community is not ready for this. Goodbye
but no dillon, Stay with us!
The community consists of many heads,
is impossible to make something that fits everyone.
I think your idea may be good
enclosing all the authors who see it as good thing;.
I think many would.
and then I find this discussion important.
I don't know. It just seems that a lot of people seem to have "proprietary software syndrome" around here.
Dillon, you have big and grand ideas. Never lose that.
Let's make a huge file with everything in it! That's thinking big.
But who wants to download a humongous file just to get that one cool robot model? And things change constantly and new toys are created all the time. How would you update the Big File.

What would be better is an archive of paper craft models. A search-able database so you can find just the model you want. With info on the artist and links to their web site. That way you could still keep track of how many downloads each model has had. That's a big job with constant upkeep. Maybe that's something you want to take on. That would be a cool project.

Relating to Vins posts; If I make an original paper craft model, and give it out for free, that's my right. You don't have the right to give out free things that are not yours.

If you get permission that's fine. I know that once you put something on the internet it's going to be used without your permission, and you can lose all control, and good luck fighting back. But it's still not right to be so free with other peoples stuff. And we should show respect to our fellow paper crafters. It's just a sign of the times with all the internet piracy and torrents we feel we are all entitled to any thing we want - for free. Don't get me wrong I've been a pirate myself.

Just my 2 cents


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