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Hello, how are you?, Greeting from Mexico .... I have a request, fiendishly difficult but I hope you can help me: chance someone will figure that appears in the Penguin is PIC? ... Was a page called but no longer exists .... Help me or someone please have some cool papercraft penguin ... is for my nephew's birthday!!

Thanks and regards ...

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Search google for "penguin paper toy" and you will get lots of results. Or look at this nice one:

Before anything else, thank you very much for your guidance and excuse me for not answering sooner ...

I perform both models ....;-)


hopefully i'm not too late,

i've checked my collection and found two different 'botpa' penguins.

Look here and have fun :-)

The one from the picture:

Another one in blue and black with a crown:

No, not really ... I have more pics that models that collection called BOTPA ... were great!.
Really, thank you very much for helping me find the model and inadvertently, also help to have a piece of this fantastic series of Papercrafts ...

Special Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ¿:v)

No problem! :-)

If you want some other templates, i'll look what i've got.

The hog and the alligator from the pic above are definitely somewhere on my harddisc.

I think i have some botpa stuff from maplestory, kartrider (characters and karts) & some dioramas, should be some megabytes.

Yes, please! ... would be great and it'll be in your debt ... because I searched long since closed and the page on the web I have not found anyone who can give me free models, except for this site

Thank you in advance and hope you can give me your templates ...

Greetings and peace!

Lex ¿: >D



i think i have more botpa templates than i thought :-)

The whole collection i've got is around 1,5 GB uncompressed.

On your diorama kart rider pic, i recognize the bird gate diorama (70mb), the village clocktower windmill (175mb) and the house map (50mb).

I don't know how i will upload the collection yet, but i will try :-)

Please be patient.



Yeah, YiiiHuuuu! Of course I'll be patient ... really excites me to know that I can bring you this valuable series for me ... because as I said before, I've been looking for a while ...

Thank you for taking the hassle and estarme helping realize a dream that I did not really get to make ... Take your time I know you expect.

Greetings and peace

LEX ¿: >D


all of my botpa-files are uploaded and you've waited enough for it ;-)

I don't know if there's anything more out there but that's all i got.

Botpa Papercraft

Botpa MapleStory

Botpa KartRider (Characters, Karts and Dioramas)

Have fun to build the stuff :-)



Thanks for being so kind to share his collection of Botpa ... dimensioned like I was one of my dreams, now I emosión jumps figures have more pictures of that collection BOTPA thank you very much ... I really do not know how happy I am.

I am indebted to you and if at some point require my help, do not hesitate to try to do this in my power to contribute and help.

Thanks, thanks again ....
LEX ¿:v}

Sorry for my late reply,
I was a little bit busy the last days since my little boy was born.
It was a pleasure to help you out!
I'm very glad that you are so happy now :-)
Again, have fun to build all the templates.

Now I'm apologizing, sorry. (:-(

Congratulations, in good time ... I hope that all has gone well and especially this very healthy ... I really am happy!

On the other hand I have begun some figures with my nephews and we are delighted and happy arming them, maybe some decorate the Christmas tree ... Thank you.

Greetings and congratulations again, enjoy it a lot, they grow very fast.


Lex ¿:v)



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