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Hi y'all.
As I commented on Kennedy's monkey, I noticed that this papertoy world is devided into two groups, peeps who hate glue and the ones who don't. I just need to get my glue on, coz I hate it when the edges or corners curl up (due to the atmosphere or a dry or damp climate in your house). So if I build a cubeecraft or a boxpunk, I usually add tabs and stick it where it needs to be stuck. Am I the only one who does this. Grtz and may the glue be with you, or not... Methuup.

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I have done both, but seem to prefer glue (Rubber Cement, in fact, because of its very forgiving nature and its ease of cleaning off excess). I recently did a round of Bloos with 19 5th graders for a culture unit (each kid made 4 Bloos of differening sizes) and rathter than have any x-acto knives in their hands, I turned the pattern into a glue one. Using the rubber cement, this was much more effective with a large group and kept me from running around with the only knife in the room (esp. when they all want their's done "now!".)

My main problem with the glueless, is the mark I cut is usually too small for the insert tab and then when I cut it larger, it turns out to be too large (even when I'm extra carefull!) and then the piece has a tendency to come loose in various places. So I put a dab of glue on the tab or fold it an extra time. Perhaps experience will help in this area.

I have made a model called Petahl and it is a combination of both glue and glueless, but I'm still working on the template for that one.
i don't use glue. i use tape.
I like things both ways really. If it's glueless and it works then that's great but iff things seem to loose I'll slather a little glue in to tack things down. All but my MiniMimmo models, and even then, the ones I didn't heavily modify, need glue. Mind you I haven't been going out of my way to get glueless models. I make what catches my eye. No preference.
the most important to me is the character are nice... and somehow easy to build. :)
I think glueless is genius, it's great for people who first discover Papertoys and don't have glue handy (it's kind of a requirement after you get into them I think)

Ultimately I'm all about the actual model regardless of the construction method. If it's worth building, that's good enough for me :]
oh i use double sided tape...its dry so wont make colour run and sticks instantly, percenly i dont like most glueless papertoys (to fideley)
For me it really depends on the type of paper I've printed the pattern on whether I prefer glue or glueless.

I either print to 110lb cardstock, 45lb matte photopaper or 24lb bright white laser paper.

The cardstock worKs best for me for Cubee style glueless. It's rigid and the tabs form a strong lock. The other paper tends to be too thin and easily warp.

And you got that right HC.. About working in a cube trying to keep from going crazy. Paperkraft saves my sanity.
tape and double-sided tape are really helpful
most of my toys are glueless because I think it's best for the graphics that will eventualy be applied on :). in general when I design a template I try to get to the most secure and less frustrating building process of the toy...

...Oftenly I get very limitated by the creative process of the template itself when I start to realize that making the toy glueless gives a little bit of stress when building it. After that I started to think that the shape of the toy doesn't permit that so I add glue areas too :)... the shape matters too, you know. (only in key areas)

I use both of the techniques at the same time if I have to and I encourage that...
One of the reasons I developed the Cubeecraft template was because I never had glue around when I came across a papercraft I wanted to build... Now I keep glue and double sided tape around because of all the papercraft I'm building.

I think it's fine either way and to each their own - that's why I label my templates "no tape or glue required" - just because it isn't required doesn't mean you can't use it, just that in this case you don't have to. I see a bunch of comments here saying they use glue on Cubees and more power to them. :)
no youre not alone! i am usually glueless but when its required i use little tabs like you do, hate PVA though so i use this awesome glus gun i got off [URL][\URL] which i am totally inlove with... what glue do you use? and is it only on tab items or do you use glue freely?


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