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Hi y'all.
As I commented on Kennedy's monkey, I noticed that this papertoy world is devided into two groups, peeps who hate glue and the ones who don't. I just need to get my glue on, coz I hate it when the edges or corners curl up (due to the atmosphere or a dry or damp climate in your house). So if I build a cubeecraft or a boxpunk, I usually add tabs and stick it where it needs to be stuck. Am I the only one who does this. Grtz and may the glue be with you, or not... Methuup.

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:) Thanks 4 the comment Methuup!

Looking at the paper toys I've done I can't really say whether I'm glue or glueless! I've done some cubees and some boxpunk and then there's Marshall Alexander's and 3 eyed bear's! I don't really mind either but I wouldn't change the style of how it was made (no offense)! I went 4 glueless with my style so I think I might just favour it. :)
i use glue for cubee craft.
hehehe...actually i hate glue methup? really hate it? but i dont have the creativity or what people call the initiative to create something glueless...i wish i can make one? but at this point i really want to improve gubi-gubi and make it something else.. for those who are new in here? try gubi-gubi!!! thanks!!! and add me as a friend!
to me it really has to do with the what the kit is, the complexity, and who it's intended for. I personally love to work with precision detail scissors and I also love working glueless (call me lazy). Almost all glueless kits use interior cuts, this mean you will need to use a cutting board and a razor. Glued kits exchange the interior cuts for the use of glue, as there are no interior cuts scissors may be used.

I have adapted a style of glueless construction that does not require razors.

When making a toy I think about who it's for and use the method best suited to the audience.

If I'm going to make a toy for kids (big big battles) then I'm likely going to make it something that does not have interior cuts (eat paste not razors)

if I'm going to make a more complicated model where presentation is key then i will likely make it a glued kit (noise Frog)

If I'm making a papertoy then I feel making it is part of the fun and I'm not going to require glue
I prefer the glued toy in term of quality, but only last month I feel sooooooooo lazy to glue my prototype then I switch it to become glueless toy (hence the name Nogloo)... I think the glueless type is more friendly toward people who are new with making paper toy or for people who dont't have much time yet want to get a little paper fun...

But yes, just like Methup said you should be careful when designing the glueless toy otherwise it will get deformed...
Glueless FTW!!! It saves the mess and a lot of time.
Free Tacos Wednesday, ain't that a mess...
Welcome to N.P.T. Grtz and may the P be with you. Meth.
When I first started making papercraft, I made a model that required glue. Why? Cause it was easy. Then after doing that, I started working on a glueless model. It took a long time to get right, but well worth the effort. Then I started modding and customizing the glueless figures, and of course some of those elements simply needed glue to work right. So, I am of the opinion that who cares what people like, glue vs. glueless, just make your idea a reality, and require glue if you see no better way. Since a lot of people who build our toys are sitting in cubicles all around the world trying to keep from going crazy, I think the most important element of a model is not whether or not it requires glue, but rather SIMPLICITY. And "glueless" does not mean "simplicity". Keep it simple. ^^
Just like funky music, everything is on the One & less is more.
I love the Marvelous series 2, especially the Thing (and not coz he needs a little glue).
For me, glueless means less of a mess... and in my experience the folds that go into the slits are much stronger than glue. Plus it looks better ;D
i think theres room for both,
but if you want your models to cross over to a wider audience,
it would have to be glueless.

its less intimidating to the man in the street,
means your models have a higher chance of being made by others.

i also find it more of a design challenge to make my models glueless,
so just stretching myself personally.

seems like you've made every model going, methuup :)
so your opinion gotta count
Moast of cubees don´t need glue,I use a blank template from to do my works


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