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What was the first papertoy that you put together? The one that started it all.

For me, it was a preprinted model of Fox's Arwing in an old issue of Nintendo power. I think I held it together with tape than glue but it came out very nice. This was more than a few years ago. I had no idea what was papercraft at the time so I didn't get into again until little over a year ago. But I still remember that Arwing model I made.

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my first paper toy was a hand pupet hehehehehe...
OO OO I know this one! For me it was Dec 19, 2007, I first saw Matt Hawkins' "Uncle Bam", and that was IT. Bam, is right, his designs just blow me away in how cool they are. As soon as I saw "Uncle Bam", I made one, and set it right next to my computer. From then on I have been drawing and making my own. I KNOW Matt is a genius, because I have made a few of my own templates and skins -- and GEEZ, talk about something that isn't always easy to visualize. SO here's to Matt, and I'll buy him a Boulavard Pale Ale next time I'm in KC.
When first I touched the 80gsm A4 paper, I squeeze it and play it as a ball. I was not yet a year old. It was a toy for me. I don't really remember, actually.

Then about 4 years later I know how to fold a plane. I fold a plane and throw it flying.

After that, I learned some origami. I learned how to fold cranes, flowers, trash box, and many more.

But since I found this cubeecraft thing on the internet, I finally realized my mistakes and start making real paper toys.
hard to remember i think it was the little link from four swords. the first one i designed was this guy.
james marr's "we hate glue" arcade , in which just the fact that he designed a toy that needed nothing but paper and it was also influential, so I decided to join in for that reason only....but became hooked on paper directly became a more-to-do obsession in designing, and if you don't have the money for a vinyl line, paper toyz gives you the freedom to do your own....without anyone's consent of your's good to be your own judge!
The first one I made was that hako-style Mario Brothers.
I was sitting around with a bunch of event promoters talking about cool flier ideas, subversive art, die cuts, clever folds, etc. I realized I'd never seen a rave flier in 3D so I promptly went about designing "Generic" (my icon) who has several collectible prints out- on one there's a turntable/bbq keepsake box on his flipside. Good times. I stumbled onto other paper art after that. My eyes are open now.
Mine was also the Arwing from Nintendo Power. Anyone know if there is a scan of it online somewhere?
Here's the scans of it. (File NOT found by me, I got it at Nintendo Papercraft)

You will need winrar or something that opens .zip files to open it.
When i was a kid, there was a magazine about airplane, which gave us the reader a paper-craft plane pattern to made. i remember making F-16 , apache helicopter and a few others.
but somehow, about two years ago i found a 'Milky' fan page (milky from Blur's Coffee and TV). i made that one, that's what made me want to make my own paprtoys.

I've been making things out of cardboard since I was tiny wee small. My mum used to collect any cardboard boxes, loo roll tubes, egg boxes all sorts of stuff for us to make things out of. Cheeper than real toys I suppose!? We used to spend hours making all sorts of stuff. I know that somewhere my parents have a photo of a 8 year old me dressed up in a cardboard dinosaur costume I made. Must dig that one out...


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