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What was the first papertoy that you put together? The one that started it all.

For me, it was a preprinted model of Fox's Arwing in an old issue of Nintendo power. I think I held it together with tape than glue but it came out very nice. This was more than a few years ago. I had no idea what was papercraft at the time so I didn't get into again until little over a year ago. But I still remember that Arwing model I made.

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I think I still have a temple I won in Religion class when I was 6 or so. I left it at my parents. I never built it. (It would have been huge)

The first thing I built was a Tram from the RET (Rotterdam). It was awesome. I also built a bus and a train.

I got into designer paper toys via Papercritter. The simple forms really invited me to try making my own.
i use to make my own toys when i was little. i use to always make things from paper. i also had a princess diana paper doll and there use to be these books you could get from the newsagent that had a story in the front half and a paper cut section in the back for making a diorama of something to do with the story. its just kinda continued from there. one day i want to make my own pop up book!
my first..i made it was the batman 60´s from cubecraft lol!
This was my first. I found it in I fell in love with papercraft after that.

Yo Tawa, mine was not so long ago. Somewhere between May/June I tripped over a picture of MCK's Grumm the Red Screamer, for a while his scream kept echoin' in my head. Till I backtracked my steps and realized I could build him myself. How cool is that! As I was shackled to a wheelchair up until 5 December, I never stopped and never will stop buildin' papertoys. Check the photo's.
Grtz and may the P be with you! Methuup.
I was introduced to the world of paper toys by a student in my design class. Lindsey got my hooked on Readymech and Speaker Dogs. My first model was Julie West's AstroJulie. I loved the illustration work on the toy. As a design teacher, I often throw in a lot of hand skills oriented components to the projects I assign. The computer plays a big part in all of our projects, but the finishing of a project, whether it is binding a box or constructing a packaging comp, is the part that makes the project complete. Paper toy crafting just seems to be a natural next step, combining design and illustration, hand skills, and toy making. Who doesn't love a good toy or model? We now do a lot of toy work in the after school program I run, F Studio, and we are making our own vinyl toys, including the design, sculpting, and casting of resign models. It all starts with the paper toys, who knows where we will go next.

Here is a photo of my cabinet at school:

Now I'm sure I stop to early with school. ;)
This officially makes you one of the coolest teachers I know of. Except that one from that Van Halen video from way back...but she was cool for other reasons. Pass on the Papertoy Passion!
My first papertoy that I build together is a mecha robot from front mission playstation game. I always drool when I see Gundam or any japanese robot toy, buying them is expensive and I don't have space to keep them...

But, I will blame no other than Shin Tanaka for making me so addicted with making my own papertoy. Actually I wanted to make a vinyl toy, but the cost is just crazy... Then I saw Shin with his ever glorious papertoy... I was like "damn.... paper is so cool... it's free and it can travel around the world at lightning speed".

The rest is history...
How I got started on papercrafting, I'm not quite sure. Paper Planes led to origami, which led to papercrafting. Back then I had no Idea what I was doing. I was trying to get the ninjatoes link model put together with tiny bite of scotch tape. My first serious papercraft was the link model from ninjatoes, of course, but I never completely built one until about a year later, when I had actual glue. Oh, by the way Tawa, the arwing you speak of was posted a while back on Nintendo Papercraft; here is a .zip file of it. (Attachment)
astroboy from japan designer .. :)
Readymech tentaclops, printed it out and gave it to my girlfriend. The first I made myself was Domo-Kun, from Cubeecraft.


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