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I have got a website up and running at the moment and i am trying to attract some people to it so once hte first series of Shlef Buddies is out, there will be some people who actually DOWNLOAD them :P.

So does anyone have any good ideas on how to attract people to your site? i thought of notifying blog sites like paper paradise and paper forest of my site, and ofcourse telling you guys, but apart from that im not too sure. So does anyone have Any Ideas??

thnx a heap,

Anubis :)

P.S. heres a link to my site. i'm still fixing the look but it's slowly begginging to take shape. slowly... :P

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i already have a few of my own designs for the SBs and no, im not just trying to get others to make them for me.... thats just silly! :P my designsa will be up sortly. they are all hand drawn but they're still pretty good.

i have been designing another toy lately but am quite busy with school at the moment so he's been put on hold for a little while.but trust me, OTHERS WILL COME!! lol...

i have been working on the looks of the site and i am working on a new header. also working on a color scheme and a logo too.

remember, my site is still in early development, but soon it should be flourishing...hopefully...:P

but thnx for the feedback. made me think alot about the site

your pal, Anubis :) :) :)
I agree, first you need to create and show some of your own designs before you can attract other designers.

After I have visited your site the only thing I remember is the blurry picture and the blank template. That's not a good 'first impression', you need to show what fun the shelf buddies can be, not the empty (blank) shelf buddie. You are trying to sell t-shirts without showing the prints on the t-shirts. The advice I can give you is: try to do something with the shape (cubby, round, happy): the first design I would make is one with a lot of colours and a big smile, the logo would be cartoonish...

And you started you blog very recently, so there is no content. Why would anyone come (back) to your site/blog? You need to create content before you start sending people to you site. And create content on a steady base: I try to post something every week (so that there is new content every time someone visits my blog)

Notifying other papercraft / papertoy blog is clever, but I wouldn't do that right now. I can only speak for myself, but with the blog and designs you currently have I wouldn't write about shelf buddies because of the reasons I mention before, I would wait and let your project mature. And perhaps write about it in the future.
But what do I know; I've never been the first to write about a new and upcoming papercraft designer. Even our Nice Paper Toys - host (Nice Bunny) isn't mentioned on my blog (this will be fixed next week)

I hope my comment doesn't discourages you, it will make you project better :)
Lol, I'm also at school (Photography/Photoshop class) typing this. Go us!....
Keep it organized and you might not want that big of a picture for your header. There's lots of blog tutorials online.
hmm i desiging some stuff to put on the site as the header instead of that huge pic.

the site has only existed for about 5 days, and im fairly new to creating a website so yeh....but im working at it!
Hi Anubis!

My name is Dominiq and I found the new website, an online marketplace to buy & sell Creative products.

Your questions was actually one of the many concerns of today's Creatives are facing. And of course, how I stumbled upon the idea of Pinkdoodle!

1) Personal websites do not attract much people.
2) (For those who sell their products) Some attempt to sell on ebay, but always fail because ebay does not attract the right market.

So, Pinkdoodle just launched a few weeks ago and are already gaining rapid growth of interest. There are already a lot of PDF needle craft patterns being sold on Pinkdoodle. If you're selling your paper toy downloads, you should definitely give us a check! If not, hey, just an idea! :)
you can add my link´s site and I will put your´s on mine.


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