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As we have several people here that were asking about what software to use and stuff like that, I thought it might be nice to have a thread with links to software.

Now, we all know that it's possible to download software illegally and/or crack them. This thread is not for those links. This one is for FREE software, and/or shareware.

Here's my list:
The GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program)
GIMPshop (A version of The GIMP made to look as much as Photoshop as possible)
Inkscape Free Vector drawing program
DrawPlus 4 (DrawPlus 6 is $9.99. Same site)

Sketchup Really easy 3D program. Very basic.

Blender 3D program. Hardcore 3D.

Pepakura (Limited Shareware) Program to "unfold" 3D data into a paper model.

Feel free to add your own!

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The list you started with, is probably a very good (paperToy) design suit if you don't want to use illegal software. And there are really good opensource/freeware alternatives.

But I'm a spoilt little boy: for the design task I use the commercial programs we all know.

For some task I use freeware/opensource:

For image viewing I use XnView (Windows, OsX, Linux).
For creating and extracting archives I use 7-zip (Windows, OsX, Linux) and filzip (Windows)
For creating .PDF I use PDFCreator (Windows) and for viewing .PDF I use sumatrapdf (Sumatra PDF is a slim, free, open-source PDF viewer for Windows) or Adobe Reader (Window, OsX, Linux)

The next link is a collection of freeware design software:

And the next link is high quality open source alternatives to well-known commercial products:

I hope this helps
Same here, same here, I much prefer Photoshop over The Gimp, I just saw too many mentions of "MS Paint", so I thought I'd share some links. :-)
It's funny: I read that people mostly use pixel programs (Gimp, Photoshop, MS Paint).
I only use vector program: Illustrator (Inkscape).
I've found vector programs far more forgiving to the whole design process--granted the art is not my strong point on designs....but in the right hands, vector art can be more "urban" than pixel art usually is. Looking at some of the papertoys on my shelf, I'd say I gravitate to the vector based work. By appearance of their projects, I'd imagine that Shin Tanaka, Marshall Alexander, Brian Castleforte, Matt Hawkins, Big Chief, You (MCK), and others well represented here on Nice Papertoys prefer vector too.

I've been using Serif Draw Plus X2 since I don't have the money to fork over for Illustrator. I've been pretty happy with it too.
I started out with Freehand, but I've since switched to illustrator. Inkscape looks cool. but I haven't really spent too much time with it.
I love portable software so I had to share this with GIMP lovers:

Portable means that you can take the program with you on a memory stick.
But the nice one about this GIMP portable, it has a GIMP Portable Photoshop Layout and GIMP Portable Background Window.

To see a screenshot visit this link.

I still prefer Photoshop but with these two extras it's looks more like Photoshop what would make the transition from one of the programs to another much easier!
do any of these 3d proggrams work with mac???
Sketchup and Blender are available in PC and Mac version.

I've heard good things about Cheetah3D. but it's 150$. (About 100€ for the Europeans... :-) )
thats whats up, thank you i'll try and down load them when i get home from work
I came across this site with the title "Say Goodbye to Adobe Creative Suite"

It's a list of open source alternatives to the popular Adobe Creative Suite applications.
You should visit it but for the lazy internet user, and to complete the list made here, I will post the short list here:
(remember not all applications is very useful when you are creating papertoys, but it will show you that you don't have to get an illegal copy of Adobe Creative Suite)

Adobe Acrobat Reader ==> Sumatra PDF
Adobe Acrobat ==> PDFCreator
Adobe Photoshop ==> Paint.NET
Adobe Dreamweaver ==> Kompozer
Adobe Flash ==> Synfig
Adobe Illustrator ==> Inkscape
Adobe InDesign ==> Scribus
Adobe After Effects ==> Jahshaka
Adobe Premier Pro ==> VirtualDub
Adobe Encore DVD ==> DVD Styler
Adobe Soundbooth ==> Audacity

Brilliant! Thanks for putting this up!
Yes! Great stuff! Some are new to me. Eager to check them out right now.


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