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Hayao Miyazaki- whats your opinion on paper toys based on anime?

hey guys (and gals),

how many of you guys are fans of japanese or anime styled papercraft? And if so, whats your fave one?

my fave "japanese" styled craft is DEFINITELY the howl's moving castle (flying version) papercraft.
what's your opinion on the matter?

Stay Nice,

Anubis OUT!

P.S. Hayao Miyazaki is the genius behind the Howl's moving castle movie which the craft is based upon. Hayao was also behind other films such as Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro, Nausicaa Valley of the Winds and Princess Mononoke among many others.

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whaddaya mean? like do you wanna post pics or do you want me to post pics? i'll show you what howls moving castle looks like. i can't show you MY actual one but ill just give you sort of an idea...

flying version -

walking version -
That's what I meant... :-)

Sorry, I keep forgetting that the neural network doen't pick up my thoughts yet. :-)

Also: Wow, that looks like it would take AGES to put together...!
i'm a fan of miyasaki's papercraft,
i found and build the howl's moving castle, flying version,
but i saw a real terrific walking version on your post,
can i found the model?
is it downloadable and where?
thanks for respons about this
and about other links to find miyasaki's papercraft.
The walking version is out of a japanese book:
The book is still listed on but from what i heard it's sold out and only listed by secondary sellers. Apparently it's not possible to find that book in Europe or US via ISBN. I remember one guy who found it on ebay.

There is a scanned version (123 MB) to download tho:

I dislike posting copyrighted art, but this one seems impossible to order otherwise. If you know of a way to still order that book, let me know. If someone takes offense (despite the difficulty to get the model) by the links I'll delete this post. Some guy said it takes like 72+ hours to glue the walking model together. ;)
haha, 72 hours,
man... i am exhausted when i build two of my own models in one evening...

[i did download the files... hopefully my wife will spend some time to cut and glue]
I have seen this ones on few months ago. They're awesome! One of the best papertoys I've seen. There are no other like them. Many details.
I don't know, but maybe someone had made the Porco Rosso planes ? ...
the best one i know for Miyasaki's models
i found the flying one
but not the "walking" one, Anubis shown,
thank you for answer
First of all, Anime FTW!

I am definitely a big fan of Pepakura or Japanese Papercraft. They never cease to amaze me by how complex some of them are like the Howl's Moving Castle mentioned and some of the Transformer ones.
My favorite one would have to be the Cat Bus papercraft from the children movie, My Neighbor Totoro, I found somewhere on the net. That was relatively easy to assemble. Lol.
Love it! They're always so colorful and it's a lot cheaper than buying a plastic gundam model that's offcolor. They seem to be less blocky than other models depending which one you're doing.

My favorite so far is the Gunbound dragon. I like dragons and the Gunbound style is appealing.
not to mention the fact that some papermodels take longer to put together, that is part of the reason i am such a big fan. i was tired of dropping $20 and putting it together in like 20 mins. what a rip.
I love the anime ones. I love to find the supe hard ones. I have seen the moving castle ones before but I have never had much of an interest in them( I haven't seen the movie) But I am now working on the Eva Type 01. I had looked for ever to find it, I found it buried away in a shared file on the web. Sadly i have lost the bookmark. Good thing i save all of my zips.

P.S. this thing is gunna be huge.


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