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hey guys!
i thought i would take this oppurtunity to ask a little question.

ya see, i want to know what kind of papercraft are you drawn to? for example, do you find a cool artistic series like nicebunny's hedkase series, and just stick to them, or are you more into craft based on games or are you more free-lance(like me) and just enjoy making p-craft that looks cool. So what do you think?

Stay Nice,

Anubis OUT!

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Well, I'm not really addict to the realistic paper craft (airplanes, boats, buildings, ships...) like scale models. I know this is awesome most of the time, but well ... generally I prefer "Hako" style, with big heads, big eyes!
I think that the really detailed paper craft is amazing, and I am blown away by the talent and the genus that it takes to create some of it. I'm also impressed by the stuff that is done using the specialized software that is sometimes used, although I think it's cheating in some ways, I also can appreciate the tool as a means to an end. An end that is still pretty amazing. Not only from a technological stand point, but also in terms of the patients they require to build. Which brings me to the rest of my answer... I do not have the patients to build such models. I would much rather spend the time building many, more simple models that result in having more toys. But I guess when I really think about it, it comes down to this... It's not so much the modeling or even the crafting aspect of it all, it's the toy, the art that is the toy. That's what does it for me. It's this amazing little object, this character that I can spend a little time creating, with love and affection, that ultimately becomes this awesome little toy that I can't get enough of because it's so cool to look at. And as if that weren't enough, it's made of paper! I mean, how cool is that? It's super cool! And it's a bit fragile and I made it with my hands so it's sort of my baby (in the artist sense), so I'm even more attached to it than some piece of plastic that was mass produced in China. This is art baby... and I love it! Sorry, I know that was much more than you asked. I guess the short answer is... I like the cool, artistic stuff best. :)
lol i completely agree. only in a much shorter way : P : ) : ) : )
Hahaha, I knowwwww, I give very long answers. heh! :P
Longe & passionate answer :)

But, in some way, I'm agree with you too!
my latest craft that i have made that is based on a game is the pyramid head (from silent hill) by chamoo232.

my latest craft that i have made that is an artistic series is the deluxe spiky baby's (shin tanaka is an amazing man :P), and my latest sorta "japanese" craft are the forest spirits from princess mononoke.

lastly, even though this is a little off subject but in my visual communication class at school i am creating a "digital self portrait" as the teacher would say. (i only just started vis comm this yr)

basically we have to take a pic of ourselves and edit it into any environment of our choice. i chose to take a pic of a few of my paper toys ( a few hedkase :) and some spiky babys too) and shrink me in next to the little guys. i am near completion so i am looking forward to the end product. just thought i'd mention it seeing as it sorta includes graphics and editing and papercraft...:P
anyways! cya round guys!

stay nice,

Anubis OUT!
You found a forest spirit craft?!?!?! O,O! Where did you find it? Can you send me a link if you can?
yeh sure! :) ill send you the little guys as soon as possible.

cya :)
Um...*goes over to look at my collection* I'm drawn to cute papercraft? Haha, very stereotypical girlish of me. But I suppose I'm also drawn to anything that looks cool and doesn't go past my limit of printing ink.
My first paper craft that I ever built was a "Nice Bunny" it was the samurai bunny. I hade soo much fun makeing it, it was much better than putting together a plastic gundam (someone mentioned that i think) What got me hooked was the realization that I was spending 20 bucks a pop on the Gundams and then putting them together in like 20 mins. With the paper crafts I can print one out and it could take me hours for free. But to get back to the question, I started out with the artistic style, but i wanted something more chalenging. I enjoy the anime stuff, right now I am working on the type 01 eva, its gunna be a big one. I think it has like 58 pages, the head was 2 pages and it took me 6 hours. Sorry I guess I keep drifting off topic, to get to the point. I like big, complex, and cool paper crafts. the kind of thing that if I showed it to someone they would say "even if you gave me all the time in the world i could never do something like that". But I will make a hedkase in between so I don't lose my mind working on the big ones.
I enjoy making a lot of Japanese papercraft models. Most of the ones I have completed right now are based on video game characters and some weird stuff, like a mechanical dog tank. I also like making animal models too.

Recently I've become interested in urban style papercraft though. I need to finish the half constructed models I have out right now before I can give it a shot.


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