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Hello everyone.. AS Gubi-Gubi Is up for grab, I would like to create a discussion about influence and inspiration. Reading manga is my Favorite, In Asia Especially here in Malaysia, Manga Style are famous... so my design have a bit of manga influence.... hahaha... I love Borneo History so much, Especially the headhunter legend, the Iban Ghost and some famous all time warriors in this land... and because of that, i have decided to come up with Gubi-Gubi!! Gubi-Gubi is being inspired from an Iban Shield called Terabai. The Iban Crafted the face of the Engkeramba (the Iban Ghost) on the shield, to be used in war... Well, can't wait to hear what you guys have to say about your influence and inspiration, it might help some of us in designing our next toy

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well as me,my inspiration came from lots n lots of things there is no influence came from this 3 guys michael lau,eric so and thts it!notn much 2 share.
Cool topic. I'm influenced and inspired by many things, books, movies, music, album artwork, music videos, fashion, this website. Artists like Shepard Fairey, Alex Ross, Chris Appelhans, Hokusai and Shawn Barber. Design studios like, 123 Klan, Super Deux and Tokyo Plastic. For me, anything and everything has the potential to inspire just by keeping an open mind.
That sounds like a good story. I definitely need to read about the Iban Ghost.

Influences? That's a bit difficult to define. I really enjoy mid-century illustration
and simplified graphics. Juan Gris is my favorite painter- a really clever fellow, and a master
of color.

I love good film and Ghost Stories; and I have borrowed from my Dreams for an entire
series of illustrations. But yeah, a puddle; the way light collects, a bit of conversation overheard,
It can be anything- that inspires.
I combine real life experience with the passion of the culture I'm closest to...which is Street-core(raw hip-hop style).
I've been stenciling, sticker art/designing ideas for years, and am active in street art, meaning, it is my job to show the public what is going on in the world today(social engineering).
main influence: Dondi white, Doze green, Eric so, and so many more from the oldschool, cause that's how I grew up....thats why to originate your own style is so important to me....this distinguishes who we are as individuals through creative expression.
from my childhood i was affected by belgian comics like smurf, steven sterks, spirou, etc, as well as italian disney comics (uncle scrooge), and of course it was translated into Indonesia.
just like you, i also like manga, i have thousands of it and still growing.
when we talk about comic, i also love the work of todd mcfarlane, eric larsen, joe madureira, jim lee. etc...
as well as graphic novel artists like bone, usagi yojimbo, maus, perseopolis etc.

and i love the work of Tim Burton.

tara mcpherson, shepard fairey, aaron jasinski, banksy etc...

when we talk about book that have "picture and image" inside of it. i love it. a good story it's a point
i also like chinese kungfu comic.
Nice thread. JC One, I'm with you on the old stars of the wild style, dondi and doze were two idols of mine as a kid, coming from the middle of nowhere in the UK, it was always like NYC was a long way from home, but I was given the 'Subway Art' book aged 9, in 1985, and it blew me away!

My other inspirations are... Keith Haring (unrestricted creative fun), Brian Cook (amazing 1940s bookcover illustrator, painted british landscapes in wild colours), Airside (uk design studio that i actually ended up working for for a while), Takeshi Murakami (legend), Schultz (Charlie Brown, the simplest, most wonderful character ever created), Jeff Soto, Pixar, old graf, new graf (Daim especially for breaking the flatness and Phibs from Melbourne who took a great city and made it greater), a million and one great current illustrators, vintage food packaging (mostly candy and cereal packets) and nature, just getting outside and looking at the world. And lots and lots of music, mostly The Polyphonic Spree and The Beatles and Adem. Hmmmm, reckon that's it.
Yo wassup ev'rybody!
Okay inspiration and influence, have you got a mo'! Coz once you got me started...
From the first cave paintings, Aboriginal art, Aztec and Maya art and glifs, African statues, Cubism: Picasso, Braque. Surrealism: Dali. Da-Da: Kurt Schwitters, Paul van Ostaaijen. De Stijl: Piet Mondriaan, Rietveld. Pop-art: Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Rauschenberg.
Ukiyo-e (Japanese woodprints): Ando Horishige, Katsushika Hokusai. Graffiti artists: Futura 2000, Phase 2, Rammelzee, Keith Haring, Basquiat.
The Old School Funk Mob: James Brown, The J.B.'s, George Clinton, ***Parliament/Funkadelic***, William "Bootsy" Collins, Maceo Parker, The Horny Horns, Sly Stone, Roger Troutman and Zapp, Trouble Funk.
Hip Hop: Sugar Hill Gang, Afrika Bambaataa, Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Digital Underground, Biz Markie, Dough E Fresh, Slick Rick, The Roots, Razhel, Scratch, Busta Rhymes.
DJ's: Grand Master Flash, Kool DJ Red Alert, Mark The 45 King, Funkmaster Flex, Q-Bert, Mix Master Mike.
All the B-boys & Fly Girls.
Kraftwerk, The Art Of Noise, Lee "Scratch" Perry.
Paper: Shin, Phil, MCK, Nice Bunny, Jonny Chiba, 3 Eyed Bear, Macula TV, Mat Hawkins, Marshall Alexander, Ben the Illustrator, Sjors Trimbach, Nick Knite and the list goes on and on and on, till the break-a-break of dawn.
Inspirado! What gets my creative juices flowing?

I like graphic design and typography a bunch... my favorites are The Designers Republic, Buro Destruct, and The Attik.

I play a lot of Japanese role playing games. Series like Final Fantasy and Shin Megami Tensei. Systems like the PC-Engine CD and MEGA-CD. 16 bits. I like manga too, especially Go Nagai and Kaori Yuki.
I love the work of CLAMP and Junko Mizuno!

I like both punk rock and gothic music, and I like the artwork of Pushead and Jhonen Vasquez.
Other musical genres that continue to inspire me are glam rock, industrial, shoegaze, britpop, and disco! Not just the sound, but the aesthetic as well...

I have read a lot of comic books, my favorites feature art by Bill Sienkiewicz or Dave McKean. I like superheroes!

I collect Bearbricks and Qees!




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