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I always glad if some blogs/website post something about me or Thunderpanda, especially about papercraft, font, or illustration. But some blogs are just put a link straight to the file (.pdf / .ttf / or .jpg), even worse some of them not even credited me.

what do you guys think about this?

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well ya can't really do that much
send them an email. i dunno. otherwise don't worry. I mean, people are downloading your model still! BUt like i said, email them if this is worrying you. The authors of the site should be willing to change the post/link.



some blogs seems like don't care..

but yes some of them actually change the link.

I saw on your blog that you give the link by email.
I think isn't a good idea because certain persons will not want to send an e-mail for to have links...
I'm just experimenting about it how good it would make people send me an e-mail.
and a few minutes ago i'm just finished replying 139 e-mails. that took about half an hour,
but at least i know how many of them truly came and put and extra works to send me emails. :)

but i don;t think it would be a good idea if i do this for my next projects. it would be exhausting.

btw, i'm just wish that people would actually click my website, and maybe stumble across it and take a look and my other works, so that is why i always ask you not to hotlink the file. :)

eg. when you put a hotlink to the.pdf of my older works at your blog, i almost got no traffic coming from your page... but the last time you put only a link at your post about the Zombiefie Six i got about 150 hits that day. that is a lot. :)

but don;t take it wrong, i feel grateful every time people mention me and took time to upload something about me in their blog. I just wish more people coming. :)
That sucks.

When you put your work out there publicly; as you have-
I'm sure you know to Prepare for Anything!

Some people will make the extra effort of finding you/your website
from the name on the pdf. If you enjoy the model; why not look for
more by the same artist, right?

I know certain image hosting sites- will not allow hot-linking
perhaps you can research them and find out about the code they use?

something like this:

Hope that helps you
actually i do this because i'm thinking about make a living (or at least extra income) by blogging. :)
that is why i put an adsense on the sidebar. so that is why i'm hoping people would at least visit my site.
Well whenever i have to talk to the end user about IP issues i always speak in the positive past tense. Like saying

"Thanks for linking this page and not just linking the PDF directly, your page views help my dreams come true!"

If you write like they have already complied i think you get the message across in a kind way. as the majority of people will comply there is no reason to be negative.
it's a good idea.
I'll try to send a thank you message for every pages that put a link for me.

I'm quit a nerd about this, but I have a couple of stuff that I do to make sure that nobody hotlinks.

* All my models (templates) are zip files, if you would directly link to this file your browser will start downloading this immediately (this only will not stop hotlinking but then there is no preview of the templates)
* I never give anybody the real location of the file!!
* Then I hide the location of the file with javascript so only people who view the source (for now I seem to be the only papertoy nerd here, because I haven't had any hotlink yet) will know the location.

< a href="#" onclick="location.href=''" >< /a >
(this is not the correct html code, but npt doesn't show htmlcode)

pro: the location (url) of the file is never shown in the browser, download managers don't read this, no hotlinking
cons: google-analytics don't work with this solution, the page jumps to the top of the page, you need to understand something about html/javascript

It never happened to me, but if someone does menage to hotlink to one of my files, the only thing you can do is send a email explaining that you don't want that. I can't imaging that papertoy blogs wouldn't react to you email.

And if they don't change the link, you can always remove the image at that location and replace it with a message explaining that you don't want hotlinking, that the blog didn't want to listen to you email, blablabla or something like that. Most blogs write about a subject and then never revisit what they wrote, and so they will never find out that you have changed the location of the link.

hopes this helps


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