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So, I woke up this morning to a couple of emails from Speakerdog fans to show me this project...

Should I be flattered? Or annoyed? Is it worth being bothered? Or not? It was a student project after all.

I checked out the guy's site, his design work is pretty good, I really like some of his projects, so it's kind of a shame that he doesn't resort to his own design skills completely. Although he did add the legs to the main body, I don't know, maybe it's just a coincidence!

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Actually a good way to go, according to this site (YouThoughtWeWouldn'tNotice) is, instead of contacting the ad-agency, going straight to the final customer.

wow, this is the first time I'm noticing this.....just checked out that dudes site.
lol...dude, what do you think about that?.....ummmm, yea.....I would say it's similar, if I were being humble.
I'm with UF here. You really can't do much but email him and ask nicely to either be acknowledged for inspiration or to kindly take it off the web. It simply looks WAY too much like your model. You have a classic model. He probrably just created this model using some ideas he picked up sub-consciously from looking at yours some day. Its just too similar to be an absolute coincidence.

Marshall has some excellent points--I would point out there is a group on copyright matters here at NPT (we haven't done much with the group, but plenty of people who struggle with the issue).

If the "Bearies" model were a release from a business, I think you would have reason to take the gloves off and throw down. As a student project, I think this is "adapting a source material" and not plagiarism. Conceptually, this is not a papertoy but rather a package, and serves a very distinctly different purpose--though I don't know if that makes a difference to the conversation.

If it were my own circumstance, I might contact the individual to point out you are aware of their work, and make clear that you are interested in retaining what rights you have to it. Mainly just point out that you are protective of your intellectual property and observant.

When you've got a good thing, Ben, people want a piece of it!
And I should add, you are generous enough to Share It--don't let them Take It.
Agreed. Maybe contact him to assert that while you don't mind him being inspired for a student project, you would like to be compensated for any future commercial work "inspired" by your toy.
i would pick flattered

well really with my understanding of copyright there is nothing really illegal going on, even a design level patent would likely not cover this. There could be some inspiration from Speakerdog, but without confirmation from the creator i can not know for sure.

one thing i noticed is that unless I'm missing something this model has no bottom!, meaning any granola put in it would fall right out!
I think what he envisioned is a shell that goes around the normal packaging.
I decided to take the 'flattered' route, it's not worth being overly-protective or getting serious about it, it's the guy's student project after all. Thanks for the opinions guys!
For what it's worth, someone else has already called him out on the similarities.

I think it's obvious he was 'inspired' by your Speakerdog toy and even if he used it for a student project should have acknowledged it. (Maybe he did when handing it in, but I doubt it)

He did profit from it though. He's using it in his portfolio and apparently got himself a freelance job at Saatchi & Saatchi because of his Portfolio.
this is so inspiring... got a freelance job because of re-modelling something.

it's obvious now, that you are as the true speakerdog maker, should get more benefits than he.
I guess this kind of thing is every designer's pain in the @$$... I salute you Ben for being so patience, go forth o true Speakerdog!
Yo Ben,
I maraud the internet for papertoys lookin' in all nooks an crannies, leavin' no page unturned.
Guess what I came across:
Maybe interesting for you collection of people hoppin' on the bandwagon.
Grtz and may the P be with you! Meth.


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