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Hmmmm this will be a forum discussion that not everybody is going to enjoy!

I have a (todo) list of customs that I want to create and it seems that a lot of papertoy artist have one. This list is used (in my case) to prioritize my time, if I had enough time I would create customs for all of them.
Besides my own projects I need to make some choices, and my choices are based upon complexity of the model, possibility to change the models shape, attitude of the model or just admiration for it's creator.

And I will share it with you.... but remember: my list is longer, big change that you are on it but there can only be one!

Todo list (customs that I want to create):
1. PHIL - G boy
2. Ken Munk - Antlor (
3. Illectronics - El Carmesi or Sparkplug
4. Shin Tanaka - Gritty

Todo list (I want to create, but ....)
1. Matt Hawkins: there is a blank template but I'm not really inspired by it. I will wait for the new stuff that will come after Matt is done with the Urban papertoy book. He's is doing some amazing stuff at work: can't wait for his next model (with a blank model).
2. BrickBoy (Sjors Trimbach): the first model that got me inspired to create Grumm, but not very active with sharing the new models
3. Marko Zubak: but there is not really a blank template ( but the ninja series looks like fun.

Todo list (need to finish this customs):
1. E440
2. SpeakerDog
3. Prototank (

Do you have a todo list (perhaps you could focus on papertoys, I'm not really interested in your shopping list ;) ) and want to share it with us?

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jeepers! i forgot about these lists, i've really not kept to mine, i did do a Cubeecraft, but I've still not done the others on my list, sometimes it just depends what comes up or what's on your mind when you've got the free time, you know? Dolly Oblong and Horrorwood both caught me at a good time so I've done theirs now, before going back to my to-do list. Must try harder!
I'll just go straight into it!

1. Start and finish Harlan's Invisible Woman! (They really are marvelous :D)
2. Do some more cubees! (Sam, Spiderman, Knuckles)
3. Perfect Kennedy's Kraft! (my design)

I think that's all I want to do. Should keep me busy 4 a while! :D
this is the last semester of my study, and i am very anxious of finishing it!! wish me luck, but still i have some to do list to the papercrafting scene

1. gubi-gubi series one is finally done... but my team and i still discussing about it release... but well, a good discussion might give better impression to the sereis..hehe...
2. Speaker dog (actually i have done customizing my own speaker dog, and named it Harold and Dad)

Custom to do

1. Pyraminds for series two
2. Nani Bird for the third series but i dunno when? hehehe
3. Hoody for the second series
4. masked hoody for my collection
5. Grumm for my collection
6. paperdude for my collection
7. thinking about doing foldskool heroes too, but i need to check on my schedule
8. sizza for my collection
9. thinking about doing a g-boy after i failed on assembling it for the first time... huh... G-boy is a though one? don't you agree?
10. prototank is cool too!!

new design?

1. hm... may be i will come up with one... but i wanted it to be different, but at this moment, i've been travell around to look for idea and inspiration

hahaha... still, any artist who want me to make a custom for them are welcome!! but still, i will put studying over everything first, because that is my future....
Woah... and I thought it was just me that had too much to do. I've been thinking over tha last few days about how everyone fits things in, what with family, friends, work, etc...

I try to get a couple of hours a day of art time, which is mainly paper toy at the mo... But, I also need time for Linda, my wife, and Fizz, our dog... How do we do it?

So, to do list...

1. Speakerdog - almost done
2. Paper toy book based on my characters - synopsis to go to publishers
3. 'Flight of the Conchords' toys - sketched, and templated...
4. Bigger/more elaborate paper toys
5. Comics - to be storyboarded
6. Painting - I know how Matt feels... Computers need to be left alone sometimes!
7. Get my work more exposed... never-ending!

Oh, and ride bikes, take photos, cook, watch films... etc, etc!


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