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Hmmmm this will be a forum discussion that not everybody is going to enjoy!

I have a (todo) list of customs that I want to create and it seems that a lot of papertoy artist have one. This list is used (in my case) to prioritize my time, if I had enough time I would create customs for all of them.
Besides my own projects I need to make some choices, and my choices are based upon complexity of the model, possibility to change the models shape, attitude of the model or just admiration for it's creator.

And I will share it with you.... but remember: my list is longer, big change that you are on it but there can only be one!

Todo list (customs that I want to create):
1. PHIL - G boy
2. Ken Munk - Antlor (
3. Illectronics - El Carmesi or Sparkplug
4. Shin Tanaka - Gritty

Todo list (I want to create, but ....)
1. Matt Hawkins: there is a blank template but I'm not really inspired by it. I will wait for the new stuff that will come after Matt is done with the Urban papertoy book. He's is doing some amazing stuff at work: can't wait for his next model (with a blank model).
2. BrickBoy (Sjors Trimbach): the first model that got me inspired to create Grumm, but not very active with sharing the new models
3. Marko Zubak: but there is not really a blank template ( but the ninja series looks like fun.

Todo list (need to finish this customs):
1. E440
2. SpeakerDog
3. Prototank (

Do you have a todo list (perhaps you could focus on papertoys, I'm not really interested in your shopping list ;) ) and want to share it with us?

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NOTE TO SELF: check on this list in about 6 months to see if any of it gets done...

1. Work the day job
2. Feed the kids and mow the lawn
3. Take lovely wife out on a date (ASAP)
4. Papertoys
a. Sparky Blanks (mix and match forms)
b. Custom a HedKase
c. Custom a Grumm
d. Custom an E440 (love the design, Ring!)
e. Dookie Poo diorama and outfit (not much time, left)
f. *Top Secret toy #1 and #2, work out the curvature problems
g. Learn the new vector program, convert files over
h. Research Drawing Pads for art program (worth the expense?)
i. Work out a tennis shoe / sneaker design that hasn't already been made...
j. Make instructions for Goovil (two sided Good / Evil papertoy that has been sitting on my shelf over a year, never released due to more complex folds)
k. Check out that (argh) Scrapbooking store, cuz they have some cool paper tools.
l. Learn how to set up a better blog
m.OH YEAH, almost forgot, Foldskool Hero
n. That other Hedkase I came up with part way through doing the first one
o. Finish the custom Drukk--needs a hat or something
p. Finish building the Antlors (the wall looks weird with just the one)
q. Sparky Art Shout Out series

5. Check To Do list in January 2009
Maybe I'm getting back to this a bit early, but here's where I am compared to July 2008, about to go into 2009.

1 through 3---good to go.
4. Papertoys
a. Sparky--Just released the prior Sparkys as blank templates, and even better, made him MODULAR!
b. HedKase--Cafeteria Trey Mark 3 released
c. Grumm--Still wanting to custom, but did a different MCK project (Drukk) first (*Still to do)
d. E440--Still one of the models I love best, but awaiting a Skin Inspiration. (*Still to do)
e. Dookie Poo--done, not won, but now became my most downloaded project, Action Figure Doctor Office.
f. Top Secret--#1 is 75% done, #2 has stalled out due to curves. (*Still to do)
g. Learned the program
h. Bought a Wacom Bamboo Fun--great for hand drawn effects. Like it lots.
i. Sneaker--this was just to comment on a recurring sore spot in design--intellectual property rights.
j. Goovil--released, and now I'm interested in "Maturing" or re-thinking the skin
k. Scrapbooking store had nothing new to show me, but I turned them on to Nice Paper Toys...
l. Blog--keeps on trucking
m. Foldskool--The Ancient Mariner is available now, on my site and Marshall's
n. Hedkase--I know what I will do if I come back around to this--but for now, I will focus on unattempted models.
o. Drukk--fully realized and downlodable on my site and MCK's
p. Antlors--Successfully hanging up, look like I should try out the blanks that came with...
q ...didn't get to finish that thought...Sparky Art shout outs will probably remain a wonderful series of sketches in the sketchbook.

2009 Papertoys To Do...
1. In Process...
a. Finish R Wut U Eet Sparky
b. Speakerdog
c. Squat the Molebot custom

2. If time/inspiration allows
a. E440
b. Top Secret #1 and #2
c. Continuation of Action Figure Sets
d. Urban Papercraft book when it comes out
e. Whatever seems fun!
OK-- 6 months later and what do I have to (papertoy) show for it...

1.) Lots of conceptual stuff (in sketches)
2.) Multiple Partial Speakerdogs...need the finishing touches to be realized.
3.) Looking forward to that Frankenbean...He had me at "Donkey Kong."
4.) Freshen up my Goovil model's art..learned a lot since my first model 3 years ago
5.) I Love you E440! I know that someday I will custom you!
6.) Dolly Oblong's totem--I really like the concept and simplicity.
7.) Action Figure Dioramas! More to come later...
Hi all!

I wanna finish the three e440 designs i am working on for weeks now and then i want to do some designs for grumm, hedkase, sizza, foldschool heroes, nani bird, speakerdog and some more...
In the meanwhile i have loads of toys i collected the last year and i still haven't had enough time to build them all...

but most important of all... i am waiting for my firstborn son to come... hopefully this or next week...

Keep up the great work!

Greetings, Ring
i have some plan in mind...

but i think i need to work on my Adobe Illustrator first... because i;m not a neat person, so that i have to work it, and making neat pattern. :)

to do :
Customizing most of DIY pattern i found into ZOMBIEMIZE style ( i'm not a 'real' big fan of zombie, i just found it interesting, and nice to draw)

I plan to make a lot of Lemi Custom by myself. :) and keep thinking about making a real great and easy to made pattern.
Dr Shazam made a good point: visit this list often.

I have to confess that I didn't stick to my own list: I made a Foldskool Hero Batmobile (not on the list) and a Wilsumm (also not on the list)

Luckily I already wrote an escape hatch: "possibility to change the models shape" once I saw the way Marshall made the Foldskool hero template, I immediately got inspired. Eric's create a Grumm so I wanted to return that favor. In some cases I don't get inspired but Eric's model did.

So a little update on my todo-list:
1. Upload/display all custom Grumms I received
2. Design/build a page on my blog for all the customs that I did
3. Design/build a page for Drukks

1. Stop being intimidated by G-boy and design a skin!!!! (I can't think of ways to modify the template, so it has to be a skin design :( )
2. This project looks the most attractive right now, because it's templates are made for modification!
3 + 4. are not changed from my previous list (same problem as with G-boy)
5. Design a ninja for Marko Zubak (he created a Drukk) (same problem as with G-boy)
6. Three new models for Drukk

And I'm working on a killer new Grumm

Oh man, this todo-list is hard :-)

E440: gefeliciteerd met je zoon (ondertussen ook al 2 maanden oud)
can't wait to see the results...
it must be a killer work.
Little update on my todo-list:
1. almost got them all....
2. Design/build it, but still need it to get it working with WordPress
3. Done

1. Created one, but Phil doesn't "speak" to me anymore >> probably because he decided to stop with G-Boy customs
2 + 3 + 4 + 5. I have been doing other stuff, nothing here
6. Waiting for the last 2 entries in the Pusher Series #1 (I'm "waiting" for Scott Schaller's Dr bear and then I just need one more drukk..)

And now I'm working on two killer Grumm....
A little update:

My todo list is not getting smaller, but bigger it seems to get easier...
and I can't check any point off the list

I seem to be in a me-myself-and-I state of mind lately, so customs for others have moved to the back of my mind...

I'm currently busy to create two new models for the art show at Subwalk (Arnhem). We set a 3 model limit for everyone, and we want to show the model from the Urban paper book; that why I want two new models.

You have seen wip models of them already (NoissGrumm and a character that is very cruvy)
NoissGrumm is still out of balance, and the curvy model is difficult to make.

About a year ago I started a project, which at the time was a little bit more then I could chew, and I would like to finish it. It was/is called CustmmGrumm and it was possible to make your own shaped hand and feet for Grumm. If I ever get it to work, it will be great.

A model that I want to build is a papermodel based upon the work of Theo Jansen ( It's an automata.

I want to "translate" a papertoy of mine to a resin model

I have two awesome concepts for the Drukk Selfish series

Some new models that I want to customize: Nick Knite is working on a Mecha bunny, Dolly Oblong model is hot, a model which name I can't remember but is a pencil with a cap....

So stop babbling, and go to work
continue bopper work

make charity toy

custom cubee

custom boxpunx

create new toy

finish big big battles crawly combat
Oh man, good post. I live by 'to do' lists, unfortunately my 'illustration work to-do' list has to come before my 'other projects to-do' lists, but as far as paper toys go... (in no particular order)

Kellen Waugh's (tentatively titled) project
Another NaniBird for the next series
Phil's G-Boy

and... design a new character as a paper toy myself.

Good discussion, shows that everyone is keeping busy!


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