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Hmmmm this will be a forum discussion that not everybody is going to enjoy!

I have a (todo) list of customs that I want to create and it seems that a lot of papertoy artist have one. This list is used (in my case) to prioritize my time, if I had enough time I would create customs for all of them.
Besides my own projects I need to make some choices, and my choices are based upon complexity of the model, possibility to change the models shape, attitude of the model or just admiration for it's creator.

And I will share it with you.... but remember: my list is longer, big change that you are on it but there can only be one!

Todo list (customs that I want to create):
1. PHIL - G boy
2. Ken Munk - Antlor (
3. Illectronics - El Carmesi or Sparkplug
4. Shin Tanaka - Gritty

Todo list (I want to create, but ....)
1. Matt Hawkins: there is a blank template but I'm not really inspired by it. I will wait for the new stuff that will come after Matt is done with the Urban papertoy book. He's is doing some amazing stuff at work: can't wait for his next model (with a blank model).
2. BrickBoy (Sjors Trimbach): the first model that got me inspired to create Grumm, but not very active with sharing the new models
3. Marko Zubak: but there is not really a blank template ( but the ninja series looks like fun.

Todo list (need to finish this customs):
1. E440
2. SpeakerDog
3. Prototank (

Do you have a todo list (perhaps you could focus on papertoys, I'm not really interested in your shopping list ;) ) and want to share it with us?

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one trick is to "mute" your camras flash, just hold a piece of thin paper over the flash, if you still have to much light on the image fold the paper over and over untill just the right amount of light is getting to the subject. al tapeing paper over a normal lite is a very cheap way to defuse it. it also works to reflect your light source off of the paper.

if all else fails take your subject outside and shoot on an over cast day
emm...since im no longer active making my own paper toys model,i just do some customs.i`have creat 6 customs over all.i have no list in mind,when i feel free i make just tht :)

Well, actually there is one blank template i put for customize. It's a paper-toy-shirt for YEBOMAYCU project. There'll be a YM show in December, in Zagreb, Croatia and there'll be special section for customs.
I was planning to public the project few months before the show, but here it is ;)
There is already a blog for this project anyway. (This show will not include my other papertoys)
Referring to the ninja series, i was thinking to make a blank model for customization and this time invite artists for the other show i have in plan (that will not include toys i made for YM project).
(I'm still searching for the gallery(s), and if it get's real, you're already invited!)
Oh, yes, actually NINJA series makes part of YM project.
I have seen the papertoy-shirt, but it's not really my kind a cookie...
And out of you responds I make up that I was correct about the ninja series: there is no blank template. I'll wait till there is a blank template :)
Drukk??? I'm honored. I love the custom you did for Sizza (I'm trying to beat your number of downloads ;) ) so I need to be patience but I can't hardly wait...

One of the reasons that you are not on my top list yet is because you only recently started the Foldskool series. But it's high on my todo list: we dutchies gotta stick together ;)

This list leaves me with a question:
I have some idea why you chose Drukk instead of Grumm, but could you answer that question?
Drukk is a "happy accident" but when I saw the model I knew that it could be the one I was looking for.
Grumm is a nice papertoy, but kinda intimidating (because there are a lot of parts).
I was looking for a toy that is new, fits on one piece of paper, simple shaped but fun to create a skin for or customize. I think Drukk is all I wanted, and the feedback I get supports that.


well, it's a great subject, and it's an awfully ambitious (yet inspiring) list you've got there.

for me... I've got to admit it's much more self-centered:


For NaniBird I've still got to make a good set of how-to instructions and I've got a couple of customs and little videos I'd like to make. I need to update the site more often (I just included a blog in the last release so I can get news up more quickly).

But I DO want to make more customs of other folks designs. Gotta spread the love. Gotta give not just take... it's all a matter of hours in the day.
Cool topic! i gotta say putting this book together has really inspired me but alas is taking up all my time at the moment. Almost done though!

My to do list for MY next paper toy projects include...

1. More simple Automata, endlessly fascinating to me.
2. Hand painted art. I'm so sick of creating vector art on the computer I could scream. So my next couple papertoys and customs are all going to be done old school with paint and then scanned in to share. I'll probably design the template in Illustrator transfer it to canvas or wood or whatever.
3. A true platform toy. I've kind half assed one threw it out there with P.D. which was a project I created for work and then tossed up on my website. Which i actually got some cool customs that i need to get out but I'm having a hard time investing energy into a project I'm luke warm on. I'd rather start something new I'm thinking of some kind of interactivity where parts could be assembled and reassembled, every artist gets a different piece. I don't know something new.
But I will put up the custom P.Ds I got cuz they are cool and deserve to get out there.
4. More cool packaged project like comic monkey, but now I have access to a plotter/cutter so I can produce pre-cut papertoys to offer in my shop.
5. I've been jonesing to do some more comics latley. Maybe some sort of dimensional comic/papertoy mash-up.
6. I also want to do a pop-up book sometime too.

Here are the customs I want to get on.
1. Foldskool
2. Drukk
3. Nannibird
4. Phil's G-boy
5. Squealer by Macula
6. I'd also like to enter the Dookie Poo paperjam contest at
I like toys with lots of "canvas space" that aren't to specific. lots of room for reinvention. Lots of cool blank projects out there but there forms are to specific to be reimagined.
and of course there's a fat folder on my desktop filled with pdfs i need to print and build of some killer cool papertoys to add to my collection.
My to do list is so chaotic at the moment that i'm going to put just the basic stuff:
-go back to Barcelona (i'm on Fuerteventura at the moment), sell my car and move from BCN to Zagreb (i'm leaving spain after 6 years of living here)
-get to the end the limited edition Skateboard series i started (50 decks)
-prepare my new studio (it's quite big) so i could paint, sculpt, skate...
-go to Rovinj (small fisherman city on Croatian coast), where i have a small gallery-studio, to work, paint, make Nanibird, Hedkase, Drukks...
-oh, yes, and release the new toys i made here on Fuerteventura. I really like some of them (new ninjas and MZ toys)
-and... :))
Been away working on my series three. It's so darn close, just need to build everyone, and get some photos taken. But the drawings are all done. I have done a handful of customs for people that no one has seen but the creators, I look forward to showing those off when the sets are released.^^ Otherwise...

1. Find a woman
2. Finish building series 3
3. Do one more 4- piece special edition set, if only to do some more fun photos
4. Make a freakin' promo film, I already have it storyboarded, it should be cool
5. I want to make one of those papercraft Subway cars by
6. Must make a Foldskool model, those guys look awesome
7. Draw something by hand, I am with you Matt. By the time I get to this step, if ever, it will probably be time for a new approach.
8. If the new approach works, apply it to finding a woman...hehe

That's my immediate future as I see it. After I get thru all that, I imagine I will make a few more customs. And I need to think of something clever for series four...
The papercraft subway cars... I forgot about them.
It should be fun (if I'm not mistaken: Shin Tanaka did one too), but I'm not sure if I should do a piece or something that I'm creating now nowadays....
Ah ha...updating the to do list, let's see how we did...

1. *yawn* ( I was just trying to funny anyway...)
2. Dang, I made 5 series, yay!
3. I have made a bunch of "special edition" models, which is my way of saying "un-original", ha!
4. Promo film > done!
5. Subway car is begun but not finished, so sooooooon....
6. Two Foldskool models complete! I love that model!
7. Draw something by hand? Well, I have filled up one and a half sketch books with ideas, but no, no hand-drawn models yet. I still want to do this, just need a good idea...
8. *yawn* Anyway...

I really just want to make the subway model before the year ends. So what do I want to do next??? I have made a lot of customs for a lot of people this year, but there are some brilliant models I have neglected. MUST DO THEM NEXT.

1. Speakerdog. I love Ben's illustration work sooo much. I have too many ideas for this model. Which one will I do? Must decide...
2. Grumm or Drukk? or both? I have been thinking about Drukk for months, trying to defy cleverness, just as the model itself has done. But so far, nothing stupendous has emerged from my subconscious. I love MCK's work as well, it literally isn't fair that I have not made one for him yet. Sorry! The check is in the mail, I promise!
3. E440. Again, I need to waste no further time and get on this bunny!
4. Nanibird. Such a beautiful model... another one I have been thinking about for a while. There will be a Harlancore-designed Nanibird soon, and I will be soooo proud of it! When it happens... which will be soon....^^

Those are the customs I want to start on as we enter the new year... but, as far as my own work goes....

1. I want to make a boxpunx book. I have an idea for what I think will be a cool concept, and when it's further along, I will share the idea with everyone.
2. Create more boxpunx inspired art! Wallpapers!
3. Make a second promo video! I have already storyboarded a second vid, but have not begun the work on the computer yet. Tis gonna take time to do that, so I am in no hurry, but it will be done!
4. Make a really complex version of my big robot, Omegafaust. What exactly that means, well, we shall see.
5. If I do make some hand-drawn as opposed to vector boxpunx, then that will be series 6. What is the theme? I don't even know yet!
6. Make a simple version of the glueless, smaller with less to fold. Change it's size. It's shape. Let's have some variations!!! Let's make some without the tongue sticking out! I did make one this year, Igor from my PersonaFAN 2 set has no tongue. If you know the chara and/or the model, you can imagine why. Also my Spongebob has no ears! So slowly my glueless model is evolving, changing, metamorphosizing, and next year, I would like to have at least 10 different variants of a blank template for people to play with.

That's a quite a bit, but as the new year approaches I have been thinking about all these things relentlessly. I look forward to what everyone does next year, it should be very exciting! If there is one thing I like about this planet, it's our species' ability to create something NEW! I can't wait to see what that is!


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