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Hi  :)

Does anybody know how to get my hands on pp bear models? I haven't heard from creator 100%loading/PP Republic for a long time, I miss him (her?) and like to build me one of these true classics  :)

Julie West and Alberto Certriteno did beautiful customs as well, yummie!

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I have a couple (2) templates have never been able to find anymore
Ya I have only two templates from 100%loading and have searched forever and ever but never came up with anything else or any of the bear templates. Would be into trading if you are?
Sure, I'm into trading. Please drop a note: maarten[at]3eyedbear[dot]com :)
Do we all have the same two?
@Meth, I'm going to guess we do, I have the tk boxer by filter007 and a geisha I forget by who
Ya I have the I had the TK Boxer but I can't seem to find him amidst my collection. If someone wants to send him my way that would be appreciated since I'm not sure where I put him or what I named him. Some of the designs are sooooooo sick though that I would really love to find more if possible.

I've email alot of the artists but very few replies

If anyone can help me out, I've spent 2 weeks hunting down:


Machintoy's Robots (or any other Machintoy more than a year old. I have all of the Horrorwood, Totems, animals on his site now.)


Los Luchadores from Mr. Manolo

I loved the Adolfo-Rodolfo Lucha match between Puma and Adidas, as Adolf Dassler (adi-das) and Ruldolf Dassler (Ru-da...changed to Pu-ma) were the brothers who founded those companies. I was only able to find 2 or 3 on the flickr site.


Any of the previous Thought Processor from other cities. I was able to get NYC, bit no others.



Hey Jason,

I tried to get a hold of Machintoy almost a year ago but with no success.  You can see my comment HERE.  It's the only one ever left.  Sadly, he never did release the robots. They are such amazing models and I'm still hoping he will release them in the future.

As for Los Luchadores from Mr. Manolo.  If you contact him I'm sure he'll hook you up with the collection.

And Thought Processor's models are in the plenty.  Hopefully someone has the collection and has it .zip'd since it would take to long to post them all.  I never did get all of the models as some of the posted ones were incomplete.




Paper Vinny

Thanks Vinny.


I'll mos def try.



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