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Yesterday I was busy with my Custmm Grumm project. But because it's a lot of programming, I had to do something creative.
So I downloaded a blank template and started thinking how I would customize it....

And then it hit me... my next papertoy (which in this case is really a toy).

Before I can show you something, I need some help:

This 'thing' must have a name, but I can't find it. And I have no idea what's it called in my own language.

So to help you a little: it's two pieces of paper (2cm by 20cm or 0.8inch by 8inch) folded (weaved) together. When you push on the top, it bounces back; you could say it's a spring made out of paper!

What I'm looking for is not really the name but I want a tutorial how to make this 'thing' so that I don't have to make one. Preferably a drawn tutorial...
But you don't have to look for me, just give me the name of this 'thing'

Your reward: you will be the first to receive my new papertoy!

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We used to call it 'muizetrappetje' [sorry, it's in Dutch] when i was a little boy ;)

Really curious about your upcoming toy!
You're right, I must have mist that in kindergarten ;)

And after some googling:



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